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3 Surprising Facts About Elixinol Europe

By October 24, 2017 December 10th, 2018 No Comments

Last year, Elixinol expanded into Europe making hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products available to 15 European nations including the UK, Germany and France.

What many people don’t know is Elixinol’s roots in Europe run deep. Here are 3 surprising facts about Elixinol Europe.

  1. We have deep European roots.
    Born in the UK, Elixinol founder Paul Benhaim launched his lifetime pursuit of hemp from the UK. Paul became a global citizen after traveling throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. His travels motivated Paul’s hemp advocacy and hemp entrepreneurship, combining the two to create the world’s first hemp nutrition bar and founding several hemp-based companies including Elixinol.
  2. Paul has been cultivating relationships with Europe’s hemp growers for decades.
    As one of the original global hemp advocates, Paul came to Europe to source high-quality organic hemp. In Europe Paul discovered not only great sources for European hemp, but lifelong friends. This means Elixinol’s European customers are getting their CBD from trusted and true farmers with generations of experience growing organic hemp.
    “It’s a natural fit, a homecoming of sorts, for Elixinol to provide European countries with CBD from European hemp. The rest of the world has long known the value of European hemp, we’re delighted to make those products available throughout Europe,” said Marco Cappiello, Director of Elixinol Europe.
  3. Elixinol Europe’s products are shipped from local fulfillment centers.
    “A lot of people think that an Elixinol order will take weeks to receive because Elixinol’s core operations are in the US. In fact, we are able to fulfill and ship items within days from our European operations,” said Marco Cappiello, Director of Elixinol Europe.

As European customers continue to find purposes in their own lives for cannabinoids and cannabidiol, Elixinol will be there. As a sign of our continued commitment to the tradition of European hemp, Elixinol is sponsoring CannaTech UK. We hope to continue our community involvement and support of the movement.

Please join the Elixinol Europe team at CannaTechUK and we welcome you to stop by to ask us any questions you may have about hemp-based products.