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Cannabis Legislation

CBD oil for children

Alabama Officially Legalizes CBD Oil for Children

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Last month, Alabama governor Robert Bentley signed legislation allowing CBD-rich hemp extracts containing less than 3% THC into the state, which went into effect on June 1. Named “Leni’s Law”, it follows a similar bill in 2014 that began a CBD oil study at the University of Alabama. This study demonstrated a benefit of cannabidiol in the reduction of chronic seizures; now, the university is currently studying the effects of a pharmacy-grade CBD oil for children and adults with seizures.

In this still-ongoing study, approximately 50% of patients have been reported to be seeing a “sustained improvement in seizure control”, and two patients were seizure-free. “As a physician, I believe it is extremely important to give patients with a chronic or debilitating disease the option to consider every possible option for treatment,” Bentley said in a statement. He also expressed hope for data that will help to confirm efficacy of CBD-rich oil in the treatment of other chronic illnesses. While Elixinol extracts are available for shipping to most regions of the world, the treatment of children with hemp or cannabis extracts is often put under greater scrutiny in paediatric cases, making the protection offered by this new law a very welcome development.

Molecular structure of cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabidiol (CBD). Source: Gotgot44

CBD oil for children gets support from politician

Political support for the initial 2014 bill began when Republican representative Mike Ball met several Alabama families affected by epilepsy and other chronic conditions. However, the family of Leni Young, the young patient whom this new law is named after, had to leave the state for Oregon after she was denied access to the trials. Leni, now 4 years old, suffered a stroke before she was born and was subsequently diagnosed with epilepsy and a rare form of cerebral palsy.

While pharmaceutical medications were able to control the hundreds of daily seizures, they severely affected her quality of life, leaving her lethargic and rotting her teeth. Fortunately, her family has reported “immediate” improvements upon beginning CBD oil, and thus continued to advocate for legislation supporting CBD oil access with other Alabama families. “She’s progressed further than we were ever told was a possibility for her” stated her mother, Amy Young, who is also looking forward to watching the children of her friends progress.

In a press release dated 28 April 2016, she stated that Leni only suffered six seizures since September 2015, a phenomenal reduction from hundreds a day. As for quality of life, Young has described her daughter as able to sit through an entire meal while eating out in a booster seat. Also, for the first time, Leni is now able to genuinely laugh, a contrast to the days when she would only giggle uncontrollably while having seizures.

Many reports of how CBD oil for children has been a success story

Leni Young is far from the only child to have reported a benefit from hemp oil. In a survey of 117 parents with epileptic children, 85% reported a benefit of CBD-rich oil administration. Over half, 53%, reported improvements in sleep, 63% reported mood improvement, 71% reported increased alertness and 14% stated that their children were seizure-free. While controlled clinical trials are required to further determine a causative effect of CBD-rich extracts on seizure reduction, the safe accessibility of these extracts for paediatric patients has the potential to benefit thousands of families.


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cannabis legislation

And the Winner of the 2016 US Election Is…

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Millions of people, not only in the USA but also around the world, watched the 2016 US presidential election with bated breath. The vast majority were anxious to see whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would become the next US president, but some were waiting for a different sort of victory.

Summary of the various cannabis legislation in different States.

On November 8, some Americans were voting for something else besides who would be the next president. California, Arizona, Nevada, Massachusetts and possibly Maine were deciding on whether or not cannabis should be fully legal, allowing it for recreational use1. Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas were deciding on whether it should be used for medical use only. All four states with proposed medical use-only legalisation voted in favour of the herb; while all states voting on recreational use approved their measures except for Arizona.

So what does this mean for each state where cannabis “won” the election, considering that their laws are different?

California has new cannabis laws

In California2, as in others, different aspects of the new cannabis legislation come into effect at different times. Since November 9, the day after the vote, residents have since been able to legally grow up to six plants for personal use, possess and give away up to 28.6 grams of flower or 8 grams of concentrate, and consume these privately. Commercial licenses will begin to be issued from January, 2018. However, public use, possession with the intent to sell and underage (under 21) consumption will stay illegal.

Nevada legalizes cannabis possession

Legality of cannabis by country, before US Election

A few changes will need to be made to this map.

Like California, possession, private use and home-growing will be the first things to become legal in Nevada3, but this cannabis legislation will not come into effect until January 2017. Residents of Nevada are limited to possession of up to 1 ounce (28 grams)  of flower and up to 1/8 of an ounce (3.5 grams) of concentrate, but are allowed up to 12 plants (6 per person) in each house. The first commercial licenses will also be given in January 2018.



Massachusetts legalizes cannabis possession

The law in Massachusetts4 begins to take effect on December 15. From then, adults over the age of 21 are able to possess up to 10 ounces (280 grams) of flowers at home, and one ounce (28 grams) in public, as well as 5 ounces (140 grams) of concentrates at home. However, public consumption will be forbidden, like other states. Each household is also able to grow up to 6 plants each. License applications for dispensaries and other establishments will be accepted until October.

Maine is in the balance

Maine5 is less certain, with their measure only getting the majority of votes by a fraction and opponents pushing for a recount. If it is approved, those living in Maine will be allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces (70 grams) of cannabis, and grow up to 6 flowering plants, 12 immature plants and any number of seedlings (which will all need to carry the person’s name and driver’s license number). They will also be able to give away cannabis and plants, and consume the herb in private places. Retail stores would open from mid-2017 at the earliest.

What about CBD oil?

What does this mean for Elixinol, where we only sell extracts made from hemp, which does not contain psychoactive levels of THC? Although CBD oil is legal in all 50 states, the legalisation of  psychoactive cannabis may improve the perceived accessibility of our extracts. Some people under prohibition may fear seizure or arrest if they even attempt to order hemp products because of misunderstandings. An end to cannabis prohibition would be a win for personal freedom.

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hemp oil legislation


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Cannabis Legalization

The US Election May Have Been Inspiration for Cannabis Legalisation

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The US Election May Have Been Cannabis Legalization Inspiration.

A few weeks ago, four states in the USA legalised cannabis for adult recreational use, while four more states voted to approve medical-only use. We considered this to be a big win not only for personal freedom, but also for the hemp industry, as this wave of legalization could also change attitudes towards hemp. This wave doesn’t seem to be over yet, as other regions look keener to legalise cannabis after the results of the election.

Cannabis laws updated after the US election

Cannabis laws worldwide. Blue indicates legality for adult use.

One of these states, unexpectedly, is Texas1. Soon after the nationwide election, lawmakers submitted five proposals on changing cannabis laws. Three of these were about reducing the penalties for cannabis use, one would allow voters to decide on medical-only use and another would allow a vote on legalisation for recreational use. The most liberal of these2, House Bill 2165, would regulate cannabis as if it were “tomatoes, jalapenos or coffee”.

Whether or not any of these will pass is unknown, as Texas is still a very conservative state. New Jersey3 has been another unexpected state, because of their very anti-cannabis Governor, Chris Christie. As he will no longer be governor from January 2018, looming loss of the “only impediment” to legalisation has led some lawmakers to Colorado for fact-finding. Senator Nick Scutari, like many others, is interested in the economic benefits, such as more jobs, and social benefits such as fewer people in prison.


Washington DC eases restrictions

Additionally, Washington DC has also eased restrictions on medical dispensaries1. The District of Columbia Council voted to allow patients with permission to use medical cannabis in other states to visit dispensaries in the district. The now-approved Act also allows patients to visit more than one dispensary and removes the limit on the number of plants that cultivators can grow. The possession limit has been increased too, from two ounces every 30 days to four.

International changes in cannabis legalization

Change may also be coming internationally. In Italy4, there has been a recent campaign to allow cannabis social clubs and to decriminalise possession and cultivation. The last days of the official campaign saw 17,500 petition signatures collected, which sends a strong message of support to the government. This included the mayors of Parma, Torino and Naples; meanwhile, the council of Sicily’s capital approved a motion to send a strong message to all MPs in support of the possible new laws. Much of this support comes from a desire to cut down the power of the Mafia. Things are looking up for Germany and the Czech Republic too5.

In Germany, the Green and Left parties have secured an agreement with the Social Democratic Party to have legalisation and drug policy revisions included in the next coalition agreement. In the Czech Republic, a campaign by two minor parties has been launched to fight for legalisation. Once their petition reaches 10,000 signatures, it qualifies for presentation to the Chamber of Deputies. During the Cannafest weekend alone, it obtained 1,500 signatures.

Change is on the horizon

Around the world, cannabis laws are changing for the better at a rapid pace, which can also change attitudes towards hemp. While none of these possibilities are yet certain, it looks like a bright future is ahead for those whose health depends on cannabis legalization.

CBD Oil is legal in most countries and in all 50 States in the US. If you would like to buy CBD oil, please visit our online store.


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cbd oil in japan

Elixinol™ CBD Oil in Japan – First Lady Ushers In New Era by Purchasing Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil

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I thought you’d like to hear some of the positive progress we have been making with Elixinol™ CBD Oil in Japan. Besides being a speaker at the 2016 Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit  in California I recently met with the First Lady of Japan (Akie Abe) whose husband, the Prime Minister of Japan (Shinzō Abe) is now using our Elixinol CBD products. See attached press release. Feel free to share on your blog and social media.

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drug test cbd

Will I Pass a Drug Test if I Take CBD Hemp Extracts?

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The difference between many medicinal hemp products and recreational cannabis is that the former can contain little to no THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis.  A common concern among many who use hemp extracts is the possibility of testing positive for cannabis use in the workplace or at a roadside drug test. This could mean facing legal action, unemployment or both.

Are these fears unfounded or must we wait for clear legalisation before starting any form of medicinal hemp / CBD oil? Read More


CBD vs THC – The Difference Between Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol

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The two most common and well-known cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). For those who are new to the world of hemp oil, the frequent squabbling over which is best can be confusing especially when considered from a CBD vs THC”who wins?!” comparison where there is no definitive answer. They are different in some essential ways and so offer different potential benefits of cannabinoids. Is it worth the greater legal and safety risks to buy THC-containing cannabis for use in extracts, or is high-CBD hemp oil still the best option? Find out who has the edge when it comes to CBD vs THC. Read More

Australia Medical Cannabis Legislation

The Australian Senate Passes Medical Cannabis Legislation

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 On Wednesday, the 24th of February, the Australian Senate passed new changes to the Narcotic Drugs Act1, which will allow the legal cultivation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. Greens leader Richard Di Natale said the changes were an “important first step” to legalising medicinal cannabis, but more work was needed to deal with how cannabis would be prescribed and distributed. While this is progress for Australia medical cannabis legislation however, these new changes will not make Australia the next Colorado! It is still illegal to grow cannabis or hemp, for personal use. As one woman has stated, “There’s no guarantee that what the government offers will be suitable for their type of condition”2.

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