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How CBD oil is made

Why Using ‘Whole-Plant’ Hemp Oil is Important

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When we say “whole plant” here at Elixinol, it’s not a reference to the parts of the plant from which we extract CBD. At Elixinol, we extract CBD (and hemp’s other compounds and chemicals) only from the stem, seeds and stalk. Not leaves, not flowers.

When we say “whole plant” we are referring to the variety of constituents (more than 500 trace compounds) in the hemp oil itself. Elixinol CBD oil contains CBD, and other natural plant constituents (terpenes, sugars, flavonoids, secondary cannabinoids, etc.) that are found in all parts of hemp. Read More

Winterization of Cannabis Extracts – Pros and Cons

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Producing hemp oil at home is not a difficult task, however extracting the cannabidiol and preparing a high quality CBD oil from the Cannabis sativa plant is a lot more challenging and has to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques that can be used for this purpose.

Depending on the method used, the extraction procedure can leave unhealthy and unwanted by-products in the final oil. For this reason it’s necessary to go through an additional step that purifies the product and removes the waxes, lipids and residual solvents from the extraction. One of the most effective refinement procedures is winterization, which consists in soaking the extract in alcohol and freezing it in order to separate the residual products. Read More

Pros and Cons of Hemp Oil Extraction Techniques

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One of the most frequent questions I get asked about our CBD oil is why it is so expensive, and this question usually comes from people who see hemp oil in supermarkets and dispensaries, at very low prices.

how hemp oil is madeThe very short answer is because CBD oil is not the same with hempseed oil, and because the extraction techniques used for producing the cannabinoid-rich products are different from those used for obtaining oil from hemp seeds.

Hemp seed oil is produced by cold pressing the seeds and then extracting the oil, and this procedure is easy to implement at home and requires no special equipment or solvent. Read More