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History In The Making: Leonard Marshall’s NFL Hall of Fame Nomination

By November 8, 2017 October 30th, 2018 No Comments
Leonard Marshall NFL CBD CTE

A Historic Hall of Fame Nomination for CBD Advocate Leonard Marshall


Legendary NFL player Leonard Marshall can add a new badge of honor to his storied career and life – Hall of Fame Nominee.  Marshall brings championships, statistics and awards to his nomination, but he is also making history.  That’s because he is the first cannabidiol advocate to receive a Hall of Fame nomination.

Anyone who watched Marshall play would agree that an undying passion was part of what fueled his success on the football field.  After being diagnosed with a severe condition in 2003, his desperate search for a way to take control of his health led him to a new passion.  “I started trying to find ways to take care of myself,” he said.

His mission to improve his quality of life lead him to our team at Elixinol, and he tried CBD hemp extract for the first time.

“I fell in love with it,” he said.

He and his family noticed it worked well to reduce temporary symptoms of inflammation, but Marshall also said it helped him with other temporary issues with sleep, anxiety, mood swings, balance, concentration and patience.  Now he puts an undying passion in spreading the word about CBD.  While he’s the first cannabidiol spokesman to be nominated for Hall of Fame, other former NFL players have joined Marshall in his advocacy.

“We’re incredibly proud of Leonard’s accomplishments, he is a warrior – as a player and a survivor. We’re delighted to see him nominated to the  Football Hall of Fame, a fitting recognition of his football career,” said Gabriel Ettenson, Elixinol COO.

His mission to share his story is one of many examples of the growing effort to get the right messages out about CBD.  It’s part of a concerted effort to help people recognize that the potential benefits offer a “healthy not high” option to people who’ve dealt with complications similar to Marshall.  He is also trying to make sure that kids that are pursuing careers in contact sports like football won’t have to worry as much about life after leaving the game.

“I literally wonder if I’ll be able to feed myself in 10 years. That’s terrifying,” he said.

Part of Marshall’s effort to spread the word includes involvement with nonprofits such as Practice Like Pros, an organization dedicated to teaching young athletes how to prevent head injuries in sports and Athletes For Care, whose mission it is to provide support for athletes after they walk away from the sports life.

Marshall is one of 18 nominees for the 2018 Hall of Fame, five finalists will be announced in February 2018.