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Elixinol Becomes London Underground’s First CBD Advertiser

By June 21, 2019 September 30th, 2019 No Comments
Elixinol CBD Ads in London Underground

We’re excited to announce that Elixinol is the very first advertiser to run a campaign for Hemp CBD in the London Underground. We’ve placed digital signage and video boards across several key London Underground railways stations.

Our campaign is expected to run for two weeks (June 10th-24th, 2019) and get over 2.1 million views across all demographics traveling via the London Underground.

London underground CBD campaign

We’re working with JCDecaux, one of the strongest media agents in Europe, to let travelers know that Elixinol is one of the world’s most trusted voices in CBD.

The digital boards hosting our ads are eye-level with the train information boards. The ads consist of 10-second clips and drive home the fact that our CBD is 100% organic and a full-spectrum hemp extract.

London underground CBD campaign

This is the very first time that Hemp or CBD products have been advertised through the London Underground. Research shows that over 40% of rail users are open to information they receive via advertising while traveling

These same travelers are 50% more likely to respond to out-of-home advertising than non-rail commuters. Simply put, this means that travelers in the London Underground are statistically more likely to respond positively to our campaign.

Big Bus London

Ali Atcha, Elixnol Europe’s Sales and Marketing Director, said, “As the global market for CBD products accelerates, we are taking the lead in driving brand awareness in capital cities.

“London’s busy rail stations provide an ideal canvas for our first major European digital video and signage campaign, with the very high footfall providing an unrivaled level of brand exposure to consumers.”