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Cannabinoids Explained

See Paul Benhaim’s presentation at the Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit

By July 20, 2016 November 4th, 2017 No Comments

Are you curious about business opportunities in the hemp industry? Would you like to know more about how Elixinol has become a world leader in CBD oil production?

Thanks to our friends at Green Flower Media, you can hear the Elixinol story straight from our CEO Paul Benhaim in the video. This is from Paul’s presentation at the recent Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit, entitled “The Wide Open Business Opportunities in Hemp.”

Watch the video now to learn more about about:

  • Paul’s 20-year journey as a hemp entrepreneur
  • Why hemp has been the world’s most persecuted commodity for most of the last 100 years
  • The outlook for hemp products in nutrition and other fields
  • What you can do now to get involved in the fast-growing hemp industry