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What’s The Best Way To Take CBD?

By September 18, 2017 August 16th, 2019 No Comments
Infographic - "Best Way To Take CBD"

We’re big fans of providing our CBD products in a variety of delivery forms to please our customers. From great flavors like grape-mint multi-use tinctures to citrus flavored Liposomes,  flavorless capsules and even the oral application of the X-Pen, our products appeal to all kinds of tastes and needs.  However, a new product on the CBD market has us concerned: CBD Water.

What is CBD Water?

CBD water is bottled water with CBD added to it. Most CBD water producers use nanotechnology that takes tiny, “ion-sized”nutrients and inserts them into “water clusters,” claiming nanoparticles move through cells and provide better bioavailability. CBD Water producers say this “nano amplification,” process allows 100% of the CBD and nutrients to “go directly into your cells,” for “optimal balance and wellness support.” Sounds like a great idea, right? Yes and No.

Does Nanotechnology Work?

Scientists are uncertain whether nanotechnology is a benefit or a risk. It’s generally accepted that nanotechnology may enhance bioavailability, what is unknown is whether this can also lead to increased toxicity. This is particularly important since upper limits are established for most vitamins and minerals, there are no upper limits for non-nutrients such as phytochemicals (biologically active compounds found in plants). Because of this question surrounding toxicity, it’s all the more important to go the extra mile in considering the source for nano supplements such as those found in CBD water.

Consider the Source

Because of what scientists call “The Entourage Effect,” keeping hemp cannabinoids and terpenes together superchargers their effect. Using an isolate of cannabidiol, CBD, reduces the impact because the cannabinoids and terpenes aren’t able to work together. Most CBD water uses isolate.  At Elixinol, we extract CBD using the “whole plant.” Extracted from  from organic, industrial hemp plants, whole plant CBD oil includes the variety of hemp constituents (over 500), that includes terpenes, sugars, flavonoids, and secondary cannabinoids. We extract the CBD oil using a Super-Critical Fluid Extraction technology that is more expensive, non-toxic and produces a potent and pure extract.

CBD Hemp Oil is Always Tested

3rd party independent labs rigorously test every batch of  Elixinol CBD hemp oil for heavy metals, pesticides and other bio contaminants. In fact, Elixinol CBD oil is tested twice in pharmaceutical-grade labs. Because of this testing, we never question what a customer is receiving when they make a purchase. You can see our lab results right here, and how to interpret them.

What is in Your CBD Water?

Is your CBD safe? It’s hard to know. Testing standards for CBD water potency and purity are up to the manufacturer and the results are not always available online. If you are able to find purity and potency tests for CBD water online, be sure to examine whether the product is tested for molds, bacteria and e.coli.

Actual CBD Content in CBD Water is Very Low

The average sixteen-ounce bottle of CBD water contains 25mg of CBD. One 1-oz bottle of our Liposomes contains 300mg of CBD. To get the same amount of CBD in one bottle of our liposomes, you’d need to drink twelve, sixteen-ounce bottles of CBD water.  That’s a lot of water. Here’s another idea, citrus-twist liposomes come in an award winning citrus flavor and are water soluble, so you can get high quality, great tasting and safe CBD into your water at a fraction of the cost of CBD bottled water.

CBD Water is Expensive (For What You Don’t Get)

One bottle of our 300mg Liposomes costs $60. To get the same amount of CBD content in CBD water, you need to spend $120. That’s twice as much for twice as less. CBD water sounds great, but it’s an expensive and ineffective way to get your daily serving of CBD.

We believe in the power of whole-plant CBD to bring the body back to its natural self, but we also know it can be confusing to decide what’s the best way to take CBD and which CBD product is right for you.  Every day we’re working to bring you the best CBD products and the most up to date information about how you can include CBD into your healthy lifestyle. For more information about our products, please visit our online CBD store.


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