What is CBN and How Can it Help with Sleep?

Posted on November 09 2021

As the world adapts to the benefits and possibilities of CBD, far fewer people are acquainted with the lesser-known cannabinoid CBN. As a natural compound derived from the hemp plant, CBN offers a range of helpful qualities to support a healthier lifestyle. Alas due to their common parent cannabis, sometimes CBN suffers from a mistaken identity with THC and CBD. While CBD and CBN are both products of hemp, CBD seems to garner a lot more attention these days; however, that does not mean CBN is any less important. On the contrary, CBN may hold the secret for improving our quality of rest and supporting a longer night’s sleep.   


What is CBN and How Can it Help with Sleep?

Do you suffer from sleep disturbances? Do you ever find yourself waking up too frequently, or waking too early and then not being able to go back to sleep? If so, then CBN may be right for you.

Poor sleep can come to us at any stage of life, due to many different contributing factors (like stress, anxiety, too much caffeine, chronic pain, etc.). If bad sleep persists again and again, the repeated nights of insufficient sleep (or lack of restful sleep) can contribute to more serious health problems and even mood disorders, exacerbating the factors which caused the poor sleep in the first place. Regular, undisturbed sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle as it allows your brain and body to properly decompress and recover from the day before. When it comes to improving your sleep, CBN can greatly help.


What is CBN?

CBN (short for Cannabinol) is one of over a hundred different natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. While it may resemble other cannabinoids in its chemical makeup, the effects of CBN are quite unique. It’s important to not get CBN confused with Cannabidiol (CBD), which is also a cannabis compound with astonishing wellness benefits of its own, but still not the same as CBN. While CBD products serve a wide range of wellness goals (such as reducing stress, supporting joint health or reducing inflammation after exercise), CBN is specifically associated with improving sleep.  

Another aspect to note is that CBN is not listed among any of the US schedules, meaning it is not considered a controlled substance (as opposed to THC, which is legal in several US states but still a controlled substance federally). CBN is a legal hemp-derived supplement with little to no side effects—other than a good night sleep.


What is CBN Oil? 

CBN Oil is exactly that—a liquid supplement that also contains CBN typically made with a base of essential oil. This might get tricky for some, but to be clear, CBN oil is NOT the same as CBD oil. While CBD oil is used for a host of reasons (like muscle recovery), CBN oil is typically taken before bedtime in order to fall gently to sleep and remain sleeping.


How Does CBN Help With Sleep?

As a cannabinoid, CBN engages the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system which helps regulate functions of the body and mind, such as mood, immunity, and sleep. Once introduced in the body, CBN activates the endocannabinoid system which supports the same natural process that can help gently quiet the mind and guide the body towards a long and restful sleep. 


Are THC and CBN the Same? 

No, THC and CBN are not the same thing, however any confusion is due to the fact that CBN is actually the result of THC that is degraded. That doesn’t mean CBN will make you high. Though CBN is widely considered a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, some believe CBN retains a mild psychoactive expression, though it is more widely known for its soporific qualities. Indeed, CBN can help with sleep and keeping our circadian rhythms in tune without being habit-forming. 


What about CBN Products? 

While more and more people begin to discover the beneficial effects of CBN, the demand for trustworthy products continues to grow. CBN products like sleep gummies or CBN oil offer a safe and natural way to explore a more satisfactory night’s rest. Whether sleeping too little, sleeping too lightly, or waking too early, any sufferer from poor sleep may find relief with CBN products.


Why Aren’t More People Talking about CBN? 

Good question! The reason so few people talk about CBN is because so few people know what it is. Part of the legacy of cannabis prohibition—and the stigma attached to all things hemp—is that people have been kept in the dark, wondering “What is CBN?” What’s important to remember is that CBN is not the same as CBD, nor is it the same as THC. CBN (Cannabinol) is a unique natural compound that may be able to help improve the quality of your sleep.