• CBD Terpenes: What Are They and What Do They Do?

    What Are Terpenes & What Do...

    Terpenes in hemp have many beneficial properties and distinct qualities. Learn more about terpenes and what they do with Elixinol.

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  • Can CBD Help Your Immune System?

    Your immune system. It’s your gatekeeper, helping to prevent you from spending days in bed during cold and flu season, speeding to the site of injury to prevent infection and...

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    Can CBD Help Your Immune System?
  • THC Benefits & Side Effects

    THC Benefits & Side Effects: Just...

    Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the substance in the cannabis plant that makes you high. It’s probably the most recognized compound in this plant, and also the most controversial, as studies...

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  • What is Nano CBD?

    Nanotechnology itself is a broad topic. Generally, nanotechnology is a field of innovation that builds and creates materials and substances on the extremely small scale of molecules and particles. As...

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    What is Nano CBD
  • What are CBD Edibles?

    What are CBD Edibles?

    A CBD edible is any CBD-infused product that you eat. CBD edibles are different from a tincture that you might consume orally, which is usually just a few drops of...

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