Spending most of his business career as a securities trader, David quickly experienced the physical trauma that a career in finance was accompanied by. This brought him to Physical Therapy and Gabriel Ettenson. After using Whole Body Vibration to rehabilitate his back and neck, he was sold on its effectiveness and quickly decided to risk everything, become a fitness trainer, and commit himself to exposing New Yorkers to this unique technology.

Partnering with Gabriel, David opened Amplitude Vibration Studio in 2009 and rapidly absorbed every ounce of information he could on not only how WBV works and how to effectively use it with training clients, but also how to raise the public’s awareness of its availability.

Living and breathing Whole Body Vibration for the past 7 years as well as having an extensive background in finance, this led to an introduction to Murray Seaton the owner of a WBV company Hypervibe in Australia.  After realizing they shared the same vision David agreed along with Gabriel to take over the distribution of Hypervibe platforms here in the US.

With great success of this product and through contacts David had made this led me to a greater thirst to help people even more.  In came the introduction of Paul and Elixinol and the quest to deliver CBD to the masses.  David’s goal is to ensure that people not only get the right product for their individual needs, but also the best support available.