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As your trusted industry leader, Elixinol is committed to providing education and information about CBD, the cannabinoid system and the products we manufacture and sell. We also try to help you find suitable solutions based on the health challenges you face.

Because of governmental restrictions, we are limited in the type of information we can share. However, our intention is to educate you with the most accurate information we are allowed to share about CBD, about the cannabinoid system and how it affects the human body.

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How CBD Works
October 6, 2018

What is Full-Spectrum CBD Extract?

Elixinol’s hemp CBD extract products are made with full-spectrum CBD. So what does that mean? A full-spectrum CBD extract is wholesome and not synthetic. In other words, it’s taken from…
Cannabinoids ExplainedHow CBD WorksHow to Buy CBD Oil
December 6, 2017

Why Does Elixinol Use Hemp And Not Marijuana?

It has been a very busy year for marijuana and CBD.  All of the news and conversations surrounding this activity generates a lot of questions: What’s legal? What’s CBD? Does…
CBD and Skincare CBD BenefitsHow CBD Works
November 19, 2017

CBD and Skincare 101

Skin ailments and conditions can be devastating, affecting the physical and mental well-being of those who have them. Because skin problems often affect appearance, people generally want to see immediate…
Elixinol Product ReviewsHealth Effects of Cannabinoids
November 13, 2017

Athletes Leading The Charge on CBD

Athletes and CBD: Why The Excitement? If you watched a press conference following a televised sporting event and you saw the star athlete using CBD while answering questions, how would…
CBD labeling Health Effects of CannabinoidsHow CBD Works
November 8, 2017

The Importance of Accurate Labeling in CBD Products

Accurate CBD labeling along with potency and purity are topics that continue to be top of mind for CBD users. No matter your reasons for using CBD, you likely feel…
Leonard Marshall NFL CBD CTE Elixinol Product ReviewsWhen To Use CBD Oil
November 8, 2017

History In The Making: Leonard Marshall’s NFL Hall of Fame Nomination

A Historic Hall of Fame Nomination for CBD Advocate Leonard Marshall   Legendary NFL player Leonard Marshall can add a new badge of honor to his storied career and life…
Dr Philip Blair Health Effects of Cannabinoids
November 7, 2017

Veterans Wanted For Pre-Clinical CBD Trial

PTSD shows no bias. It affects women in abusive relationships, children in traumatic homes and veterans, post-service. Associated with chronic pain, anxiety, addiction and suicide, PTSD treatment has eluded many…
5 Ways To Identify High Quality CBD CBD BenefitsHealth Effects of CannabinoidsHow CBD Oil is Made
September 26, 2017

5 Ways To Identify High Quality CBD

With more studies, fewer regulations and increased acceptance, CBD hemp oil is gaining in popularity – with good reason. Shown to decrease seizures, alleviate anxiety, reduce inflammation and help with…
Why Paleo Loves CBD CBD BenefitsHealth Effects of CannabinoidsWhen To Use CBD Oil
September 23, 2017

Why Paleo Loves CBD

Our Paleolithic ancestors were lean, determined, creative folk. They lived in groups, learned how to make stone tools, and survived by gathering plants, eating fish, hunting and scavenging wild animals.…