Q. What is CBD?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol which is one of the major cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Elixinol CBD is produced from industrial hemp and extracted using a CO2 extraction process.

Q. Is Elixinol Pure Hemp Extract the same as medical marijuana”?

A. No. The industrial hemp used to produce Elixinol is a variety of cannabis that does not contain the psychoactive properties of THC.  Industrial hemp, including that used to produce Elixinol, is essentially a cousin of marijuana and (for most people) a more practical source of cannabinoids.

Q. Can I buy CBD where I live?

A. CBD hemp oil is legal in many countries. In those locations, you do not require a permit or recommendation from your doctor to buy Elixinol Pure Hemp Extract. It can be purchased online and shipped to your home, anywhere in the U.S. and the following countries:

Argentina, Belgium, Belize, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Northern Ireland, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland, U.S. Virgin Islands, Uruguay.

If you live in any of the countries or regions below you must order from your local Elixinol website.

Q. Will I get “high” if I consume Elixinol?

A. No, you will not get high from consuming Elixinol. It is made entirely and only from industrial hemp, and does not contain the psychoactive properties of THC. Additionally, cannabidiol actually has the property of being anti-psychoactive. More about THC vs CBD

Q. Do you use hemp plants from China?

A. No, Elixinol does not use hemp from China. All of our hemp is organically grown and processed in choice locations of Northern Europe and North America, before being sent to the U.S. and other countries.

Q. Can I purchase Elixinol in bulk for my fitness club, natural product store, nursing home or other business?

A. Yes, Elixinol is available for wholesale purchase. We are actively seeking to partner with organizations and businesses who share our interest in promoting good health on a global scale. Certain criteria exist to qualify as Elixinol wholesaler or distributor. Click here for more information.

Q. What is the shelf life of Elixinol? Can it be frozen?

A. All Elixinol is shipped fresh, and it has a shelf life of one year when refrigerated. It can be frozen to extend shelf life up to two years or longer.

Q. How do you transport Elixinol? Is it kept cold?

A. We ship Elixinol only by air freight courier on air-conditioned planes from Europe. There is 1-2 days travel time before landing in our laboratory and packing facility.

Q. How long does it take for CBD to take effect?

A.  At the right dosage, it typically takes between 20 and 30 minutes for the CBD effects to be noticeable. As CBD has no psychoactive component, there is no ‘high’. You may experience a reduction in pain, reduced tremor, a sense of calm. It does depend on why you are taking CBD oil and whether you are taking enough to combat the symptoms you have and whether CBD has an effect on you.

Q. How does CBD work in the body?

CBD works in the body by activating receptors in the brain and nervous system – the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It affects different receptors to THC and affects many receptors which are responsible for the regulation of many parts of the body’s systems.

Q. What are CBD capsules?

CBD capsules come in varying dosages/CBD concentrations. The CBD in the capsule is an oil as opposed to a powder used to make CBD pills.

Q. What are CBD pills?

CBD pills are made from a powder form of CBD extract compressed into a pill format. CBD oil capsules have a better absorption capability so are the preferred format.

Q. Can Hemp oil give you diarrhea?

In general, most users do not suffer problems with CBD causing diarrhea. However, in larger doses taken orally, it is possible that CBD could cause loosend stools or diarrhea, but this is not a common side effect of CBD.

Q. How is CBD extracted from hemp?

CBD can extracted from hemp using a number of methods. Elixinol uses a completely organic plant and extracts CBD and a full spectrum of other cannabinoids using a specialized CO2 extraction process. Other CBD suppliers use chemical extraction which leaves behind other essential cannabinoids which we believe reduces the effectiveness of CBD.

Q. What is the difference between Hemp oil, CBD oil and Hemp extract?

CBD oil is produced from the whole plant – Leaves, stalks, flowers and seeds. Some CBD oils sold are Hemp oil is produced from hemp seeds only. Hemp extract is made from the whole plant.

Q. How long can you keep Hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds will keep for up to a year at room temperature. It advisable to refrigerate or freeze them if you want them to stay fresh for longer. This will also maintain a better level of nutritional content as this deteriorates over time with temperature a factor in this.

Q. What is the endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a group of endogenous cannabinoid receptors found in the brain of mammals. It is present throughout the CNS and peripheral nervous system. The ECS is composed of neuromodulatory lipids and many endocannabinoid receptors which regulate many mechanisms within the body. The Endocannabinoid system receptors are specifically receptive to cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Q. What do endocannabinoid receptors regulate?

Endocannabinoid receptors regulate many bodily functions including:

  • Appetite
  • Digestion
  • Immune function
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Motor control
  • Pain
  • Pleasure and reward
  • Reproduction and fertility
  • Sleep
  • Temperature regulation

Q. What are the effects of CBD?

The effects of CBD will vary from person to person. It will depend on the amount taken, the method of application and the condition which they are trying to alleviate.

Q. What are the side-effects of CBD?

CBD side effects are almost negligible. They are certainly nowhere near the often scary side-effects lists that are seen in many FDA approved pharmaceutical products! Please read this article on the side effects of CBD. Perhaps a little stomach discomfort for those on high doses and some very low-level sedative effects. In a similar way that using a drop of Lavender oil on your skin might relaxes you. CBD produces no psychoactive effect so there is no ‘high’ or particular concern about your ability to function normally. Find out more details about CBD effects.

Q. Can you give CBD oil to dogs?

Although THC is not good for dogs as it is psychoactive, CBD has shown to be beneficial to dogs. Our CBD dog treats have been formulated with the help of a veterinary surgeon to ensure they only contain products good for dogs.

Q. How much CBD should I take?

The CBD dosage will vary for each person depending on their needs and the conditions they are trying to alleviate. For some applications only a small CDB dose is required to achieve optimal results; in other cases, a higher dosage will be required.

Q. Is it possible to overdose on CBD?

No – CBD in high dosages may incur mood or anxiety swings but it will not be lethal.

Q. Does Elixinol contain THC?

No – Elixinol is a full-spectrum hemp extract from specially hybridized industrial hemp which contains only trace amounts of THC. These amounts are so small there is no psychoactive effect and they are unlikely to register on a drug test.

Q. What is a CBD Tincture?

A “Tincture” is substance is suspended or dissolved in another liquid. Usually alcohol but many volatile oils are also used. Generally alcohol is used to make CBD Tinctures in order to reduce viscosity. Viscosity reduction helps absorption of CBD into the body. It also allows a more concise dosage as CBD oil is very viscous/thick and hard to portion out into doses.