Visionaries, leaders, natural health advocates, team players and innovators, who are fun, ethical people.

These are the people we are proud to call members of the Elixinol family.  Each team member plays an integral role in the fulfillment of our vision.

Our culture drives us to build lifelong relationships and to deliver world-class experiences. Together, we are focused on maintaining our industry leadership and making a positive impact in the world.

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Elixinol CEO Paul Benhaim stands in front of scenic mountains

Paul Benhaim

Founder and CIO

Paul Benhaim is one of the most respected pioneers in the hemp industry having been involved since 1993. He is the founder of world recognized Hemp Foods Australia…

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Gabriel Ettenson - Elixinol

Gabriel Ettenson

President and Co-Founder

Gabriel Ettenson earned his master’s degree in physical therapy from Columbia University in 1998 and is a licensed physical therapist. After several years in practice…

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Amberley Calvo - Elixinol

Amberley Calvo

General Manager

As one of the first employed at Elixinol, Amberley Calvo had previously served in the healthcare industry for more than 7 years as an administrator.  When she was diagnosed…

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Chris Husong - Elixinol

Chris Husong

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Chris Husong is an entrepreneur and marketing executive, skilled in helping people and companies overcome their creative and strategic barriers so they can achieve their goals.

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David Newman - Elixinol

David Newman

Co-Founder and Director of Co-Branding and Bulk Sales

As a securities trader in the high-stress world of finance, David Newman sought physical therapy from Gabriel Ettenson. After using Whole Body Vibration to rehabilitate his back and neck…

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Mark Roper - Elixinol

Mark Roper

Vice President of Sales

Mark Roper, Elixinol’s Vice President of Sales, is a motivational leader who is passionate about mentoring and managing his sales team and broker networks across the US…

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Joy Beckerman - Elixinol

Joy Beckerman

Regulatory Officer and Industry Liaison

Joy Beckerman, who has been involved in the hemp industries for over a quarter of a century, is a powerhouse leader…

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Andy Jost - Elixinol

Andy Jost


Andy Jost oversees all aspects of Elixinol US’s corporate finances. He’s the main point of contact when it comes to managing financial accounts, accounting, bookkeeping, and more.

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Greg Smith - Elixinol

Greg Smith

Director of Global Information Technology

Greg Smith oversees every aspect of IT for the companies under Elixinol Global’s umbrella, including Elixinol US, Elixinol Global, and Elixinol Europe.

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Leif Harrison - Elixinol

Leif Harrison

Director of Business Development

Leif Harrison is responsible for nurturing Elixinol’s new and established business relationships and helping the company achieve greater visibility in the marketplace…

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ruben gonzales - Elixinol

Ruben Gonzales

International Sales Manager

Ruben Gonzales oversees all aspects of Elixinol’s business accounts around the world. He previously served as Director of Business Development…

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Patrick Lawler - Elixinol

Patrick Lawler

National Accounts Manager

Patrick Lawler manages Elixinol US’s accounts nationwide. With nearly two decades’ experience leading successful sales teams, Patrick is an energetic team builder…

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Arthur Jaffee, Elixinol co-founder

Arthur Jaffee


A Boulder native and founding member of Elixinol, Arthur Jaffee brings a range of skills and business experience to the team.

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Dr Philip Blair - CBD expert

Phillip Blair, M.D.


Col. Philip Blair, M.D. (U.S. Army retired) is a family physician providing disease management for small-business employees in several states. He graduated from West Point in 1972…

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