Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner

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100% Natural & Vegan Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner

Designed with the Purify, Replenish and Rejuvenate care philosophy in mind, SATIVA™ Organic Hemp shampoo and conditioner include 100% natural unique botanicals and certified organic ingredients from around the globe. In addition, SATIVA™ features indulgent, velvety textures and fresh scents that provide a full sensory experience backed by world-class production ethics.

SATIVA™ Hemp Shampoo includes Sapindus Berry from India, Amazonian Copaiba Oil, and Fulvic Minerals. Combined, in this effective formula that nourishes, cleanses, and purifies the hair, prepping it for conditioning. Guayusa, cellular extracts of Green Tea, and Lemon Myrtle provide procyanidins, water-soluble caffeine, and a host of powerful antioxidants. Combined, these natural ingredients help to energize the scalp and promote hair growth.

Our 100% vegan, sustainably sourced ingredients from around the globe. These include, Certified Organic Australian Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime extracts, Amazonian Copaiba Oil, Kimchi.  Along with, non-GMO hemp and other essential oils such as Lemon Myrtle and Clove.

100% Natural and Vegan Hemp Conditioner

SATIVA™ Organic Hemp Conditioner is infused with Energizing Green Tea, Lemon Myrtle and Guayusa. As a result, this luxury conditioner can improve comb-through and prevent tangles while energizing and nourishing the scalp. In addition, restores and smooths the hair shaft, all while easing your after-shower comb-through. Furthermore, Pracaxi Oil provides long-lasting sheen and moisture protection to keep your hair looking radiant all day and night.