Every time you use the X-Pen’s twist and lock dispensing mechanism you receive 15mg Hemp CBD Extract while also preventing waste from spills.

Not Available in Australia and New Zealand

The Problem

Many customers want high concentrations of CBD Hemp Extract and up until now, oral applicators such as the product shown here have been the only real solution. While this type of delivery system provided high levels of CBD, there have been drawbacks including:

  • Inability to deliver precise serving sizes
  • Occasional air pockets
  • Potential for wasteful dispensing because of no lock
  • Inconvenient and unhygienic sharing ability
  • Possibility to lose effectiveness and freshness due to being exposed to light
Elixinol CBD oil X-Pen

Your Solution – The X-Pen

After conducting research on multiple delivery systems, your team of experts at Elixinol discovered and created a solution that delivers the perfect product for you. With the X-Pen, you are now able to receive:

  • Precise serving sizes: With each click, you receive 15mg of CBD Hemp Extract
  • Airless Delivery: Hermetic cartridge keeps the extract in a vaccum, protected from air and bacteria
  • Secure: A simple twist-lock mechanism prevents unwanted dispensing or spills
  • Hygenic: Removable, washable tip enables sanitary conditions for multiple users
  • Shielded: A proprietary violet polymer housing protects content from light to prolong freshness

 About Elixinol™ CBD Hemp Extracts

Our high quality whole plant Hemp extract means you get the same dependable formula in the same synergistic natural form your body prefers – every press, every pen, every time.

Highest Quality Standards

Elixinol™ works with seed breeders, seed suppliers, growers, harvesters, cleaners, primary processors, manufacturers, laboratories and quality control to provide the highest quality CBD Hemp Extracts on the market today.

Comprehensive Potency Testing

Before shipping our products from our manufacturing facilities to customers, all of our products undergo rigorous testing. We use advanced HPLC (HPLC-DAD) equipment, in leading US labs, to confirm CBD quality and potency.

Organic Product Formulation

With decades of experience working with truly natural products Elixinol™ knows how to extract, process and formulate the ingredients we carefully select without resorting to synthetic chemicals while maintaining a strict policy of “no GMO” products whatsoever.


Elixinol™ CBD Extract – The Highest Quality From One of The World’s Leading Hemp Producers