Mixing CBD and Alcohol: What Happens?

Mixing CBD and Alcohol: What Happens?

The addition of cannabis to the vast array of alcohol-related products should not be alarming or surprising if you’re familiar with the cannabis and CBD industries. Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp has been gradually incorporated into a larger number of other industries, including the alcohol industry. Read on to find out what happens when you mix CBD and alcohol.

Can You Drink Alcohol with CBD?

For many people, consuming alcohol is a way to wind down and relax after a tough week or relieve potential inhibitions. Similarly, CBD oil is an effective way to promote calmness and relaxation, as well as relieving the occasional, everyday-type stresses. Learn more about CBD oil for stress relief. Both CBD and alcohol serve the purpose of winding down, but the question remains...can you drink alcohol with CBD? Unfortunately, we don’t have sufficient evidence to provide a definite answer.

With alcohol, the more you consume, the stronger the effects become. CBD acts in a more subtle way. Evidence shows that you cannot overdose on CBD. However, you may experience a wider range of effects depending on the serving size you take of CBD.

Alcohol and CBD Interactions

Like most cannabinoids, there isn’t a great deal of research around the effects of mixing alcohol and CBD. There is also little research available that distinguishes the effects alcohol and CBD have on the body when used simultaneously. However, there is some preliminary research and anecdotal evidence that provide some insight into the relationship.

People who consume CBD and alcohol together still experience the effects related to consuming alcohol. CBD does not appear to inhibit the intoxicating or ‘drunk’ effects of alcohol. However, there is little clinical evidence to prove this given the limitations of the research. Other findings show that mixing alcohol and CBD together could potentially magnify the depressant effects of alcohol, such as fatigue and sleepiness.

Other preliminary studies show signs that CBD may reduce some of alcohol’s side effects and may even be therapeutic for those struggling with alcohol addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Again, more research is needed.

CBD-Infused Alcohol

CBD-infused beer and cocktails are appearing all over the world, and have popped up in numerous markets. The addition of cannabis to alcohol to the array of niche products may come as no surprise to those familiar with the cannabis and CBD space.

CBD products haven’t been legal for a long time, so the crossover between the alcohol and CBD industries is still early. Given the prevalence of alcohol in mainstream culture, CBD-infused alcohol presents a market of limitless possibility. From local breweries to larger corporations, there is interest in exploring this particular market. Earlier this year, Manchester, England opened its first CBD bar.

CBD Beer: How is it Different?

CBD-infused beers are making headway around the globe as a convenient and straightforward way to incorporate CBD daily. Brewers from all over the world are experimenting with different ways to complement alcohol and CBD. Many CBD-infused beers have a very low alcohol by volume, but make up for it with CBD. These beers do not contain THC and therefore, do not cause the intoxicating high that is commonly associated with marijuana products. CBD beer is also relatively low in calories due to low ABV levels.

CBD Vodka & Other Cocktails

In addition to beer, CBD can also be found in vodka and other types of spirits. Some vodkas are infused with marijuana and contain large amounts of THC, but most CBD-infused vodka contains less than 0.3% THC, categorizing them as hemp products and legal under standard CBD guidelines. Some of these alcoholic spirits contain the fragrance and flavor of hemp, but the overall effects do not cause a THC-related high.

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