Quick and Easy CBD Serving Size Guide

Posted on April 25 2019

A question we’re often asked here at Elixinol is how much CBD we should be taking. The answer varies from one person to another, but for each individual, starting out small and working up to the best serving for you is a great way to get going.

We’ve gathered some basic tips to help you get started as you determine the CBD serving size that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Q: How much CBD do I need to take?

A: Appropriate CBD serving sizes vary from person to person, and they’re not based on weight or body size.

Q: How often should I take CBD?

For people in the 18-70 age range, I recommend using the serving size on the bottle twice daily to get started. If you’re very sensitive to supplements and/or medications, cut that serving in half.

Q: How quickly after taking CBD should I start experiencing results?

A: Some relief should occur rapidly within the first few minutes for sublingual use (Liposomes, Tinctures, or X-Pen), or within a few hours for oral capsules. Sublingual servings of CBD work immediately, but oral servings’ results (like capsules) may be delayed for over an hour.

For topical applications, some results are short-acting for 4-6 hours; others are longer, from 8-24. This varies according to the need. When an issue is acute, the results tend to be shorter-acting.

See this post for more detailed information on how long it takes for CBD oil to work, based on your chosen mode of delivery.

Q: What if I don’t feel anything within the recommended time frame?

A: CBD has a very reassuring safety profile. In my clinical experience, I’ve observed that individuals can easily alter their serving sizes based on desired outcomes. If standard servings do not provide relief, double the serving size.

Q: How long do I have to wait to take another serving?

For faster-acting formulations, like Liposomes, you can double your serving within about five minutes. You’ll need to wait a little longer if you’ve taken CBD Capsules, as it can take an hour or more to determine the outcome.

Q: What happens if I take too much CBD?

A: Taking too much CBD might cause a feeling of relaxed fatigue.