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Cycling Around the World with Josh Quigley

Recovery is not a smooth path. Whether you are recovering from an injury, a loss, or something else—you may still get a flat tire along the way because recovery is not easy.  

For Guinness World Record holder and Elixinol ambassador Josh Quigley, his recovery journey started in 2015 when he decided to become a cyclist.   

Photographer: Thomas Haywood  

From pain to purpose  

In 2015 while at a work event, Josh listened in on a talk given by former Olympian, cyclist, and fellow Scot Sir Chris Hoy. At the time, Josh was about 22 years old and coming off a devastating breakup.  

“I was in a bit of a depression for 6 months. I was in such a dark place and was looking for something to help me feel better. Something that would make me happier and healthier,” Josh explained. “After hearing Chris’s story, I was so inspired. Right then and there I said I’m going to cycle around the world. My life has never been the same since.”  

Prior to this epiphany, Josh had zero background in cycling but a huge passion for meeting challenges.   

“Cycling was my vehicle to turn my life around,” he said.  


The around-the-world cycling challenge is spread across Europe, Asia, Australia and America for a total of 26,679 miles.  

Starting in 2016, Josh’s first legs of the trip through Europe, Asia and Australia went smoothly. “It was a massive challenge that I was able to put all of my time and energy into. When you are in a negative headspace, it's good to find something else to consume it like a big challenge. That’s why I loved this. It allowed me to get away from the noise and just focus.”  

While riding throughout countries that permitted CBD, Josh kept Elixinol's liposome products in his tool kit.  

“I noticed I was mentally a lot more relaxed,” he said. “I have quite a busy active mind and am always overthinking. When I was taking CBD consistently, I felt like I was doing less of that. I remember my family came to meet me in Istanbul Turkey, and they said they’ve never seen me that mellow.” 

Cyclist Josh Quigley applying Elixinol's Sport Gel to his elbow

Josh with Elixinol's Sports Gel during his trips

14,500 Miles In 

Josh attempted the around-the-world challenge a total of eight times. His eighth attempt was in 2019. 

At mile 14,500 in Template, Texas Josh’s ride took a devastating turn when he was hit by a car from behind. Josh suffered a punctured lung and fractures to 10 ribs, his skull, pelvis, and ankle. He was hospitalized for five weeks and underwent two major surgeries. One operation put his ankle back together and the second inserted a stent in a neck artery that had been damaged. Despite the long recovery ahead, Josh never questioned not getting back on the bike. 

“I remember waking up in the hospital and asking how long it would take to get back on the bike,” he said. “I think that came from a pure love of cycling. I just love it so much. It’s my main passion in life. No accident, injury, or crash would ever stop me.” 

Three months after the crash, Josh was miraculously back in the saddle.  

“I had an amazing medical team in Texas. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, first-responders—those people saved my life. But I had a bullet-proof mindset when I was in the hospital. I was so determined to get back on the bike. It really did help me recover faster than I should have. There is a huge mental component to physical recovery.” 

Back at It 

Josh went back to Europe …  the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance cycled in one week. He rode an incredible 2,179 miles in seven days. 

In late 2021, Josh decided it was time to complete his around-the-world challenge. He returned to the US in 2021 and finished the challenge on December 22 in the middle of New York City’s Times Square.  

“I was very relieved and happy to make it to New York,” he said. “This challenge has been in my life for five years now and it's great to finally finish it. It was even more special to have my fiancé Megan there at the end of the journey and to spend Christmas in New York.  

Josh is back home in Scotland and is already thinking of his next challenge. 

“I’ll be a cyclist for the rest of my life,” he said. “Everything in my life revolves around cycling now. Riding still makes me feel better, but it's also my full-time job that I love and it keeps me healthy. Fundamentally, I love growing and making progress. I’m excited to go after more cycling challenges and records. Hopefully one day, an Olympic Medal.” 

Josh Quigley’s final leg of the journey:  

Recovery Tips   

When it comes to everyday recovery, outside of his mindset, he leans on nutrition and supplements to help.  

“As an athlete there are only three or four things you can do to be better. 1. Training 2. Nutrition 3. Sleep 4. Rest 5. Recovery,” he said. “For me, what you put in your body is so important. My go-to is frozen fruit because it takes longer to eat, and I also love nuts. I try to keep everything natural, and I prefer to make everything at home.”  

Locking in a strong mindset when you are going through something tough is not easy, but necessary.  

“Something I have always done in my life is spotting opportunities and taking negatives into my life and turning them into positives. Any time you are injured or mentally set back, that is a chance to use the time to advance yourself and your career outside of training. For example, if you’re an athlete and you got seriously hurt, during your down time write a book about it. You have to think more about what you can do than what you can’t do.” 

Photographer: Thomas Haywood 


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