CBD For Tennis Players: Everything You Need to Know

Posted on September 19 2022

Our team sat down with Dr. Dave Gordon, MD, IFMCP, ABoIM and asked him a series of questions related to CBD for tennis players. Why would a tennis player want to take CBD? When is the best time to take it and how does it work? An avid fitness enthusiast himself, Dr. Dave outlines why CBD would be a great addition to your training toolbox.


Why is CBD a great recovery tool for both tennis players and athletes in general?

Healthy recovery is crucial for athletes that want excellent performance and continued enjoyment of their sport. CBD has been shown to positively affect so many aspects of recovery including discomfort, inflammation and sleep. It’s not surprising that CBD is regularly used by tennis players as well as athletes in other sports. Research has shown that a small dose of CBD may significantly help delayed onset muscle soreness, one of the biggest problems for athletes. Another reason CBD for tennis players is great is due to its safety, as CBD has so much potential to help without causing undesired side effects.   


Should you take CBD right after playing? 

It makes sense on many levels. Taking CBD after playing can reduce muscle soreness. Plus, many people need help winding down in order to get back to their regular day, or get ready for sleep. CBD can help there too. Rod R., a verified Sports Gel buyer and avid tennis player wrote in his review that “Sports Gel relieves pain in my sore knees and muscles after tennis. I love the ease of application and the way that it soaks into my skin.”.


Why is CBD great for tennis players?

Inflammation…Inflammation…Inflammation. Playing tennis is tough on the body, as the complex physical sport requires full body participation to run, swing, pivot, and hit, often leading to pain, inflammation and potentially even arthritis. CBD is great at reducing that exercise-induced inflammation, including tennis elbow and tennis toe, and could be considered safer than commonly used other supplements. It’s great that CBD can be ingested, or applied directly to the muscles and joints, to help inflammation and discomfort from your game.


Are there any benefits to taking CBD before training?

Does discomfort limit your training? Do you get pre-performance stress? Does stress from your workday affect your training? Those are just some of the reasons someone might use CBD for playing tennis. Getting yourself in the right mindset and not allowing yourself to be distracted by discomfort, stress, or jitters is crucial to a good workout. 

A lot of athletes get anxious/pre-game jitters, disrupting their gut. Any tips to help prevent this or how best to prepare for it?

Pre-performance nerves can be crippling for many athletes, whether it sends them running to the bathroom or limits their success. CBD for tennis players has been shown to improve pre-performance stress and stress-induced spikes in heart rate and blood pressure, so it’s a great tool to consider.   

Also don’t forgot the basics! Regular practice, breathing exercises, positive visualization, quality nutrition, and sufficient sleep are all necessary to limit pre-performance jitters and should always be done alongside your CBD routine.


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