Healthy Gut, Strong Immunity

Posted on April 26 2021

CBD, Gut Health and Your Immune System

What’s the difference between someone with a healthy immune system that never seems to get sick and someone that seems to catch every little bug? No surprise — it often comes down to gut health. Even Hippocrates, thousands of years ago, made the connection when he said, “All disease begins in the gut.”

“Between 70% to 80% of your immune system is located in your gut,” says Dr. Dave Gordon, an Integrative Medicine physician and expert in gut health. “It’s your biggest barrier against the outside world, protecting us from anything and everything.”

Gut health and the immune system are naturally linked. When our gut health suffers, our immune system becomes impaired. “Inflammation in the gut is like inflammation when you twist your ankle. The area gets swollen, irritated and tender. Your gut reacts the same way.” Inflammation in the gut not only hurts your immune system but also can lead to the well-known “leaky gut” situation that contributes to many chronic issues. Food sensitivities, infections and other things that don’t agree with us are the usual suspects for triggering gut inflammation. However, there’s another very common culprit: stress

“Stress can trigger inflammation in your gut, and put your immune system into overdrive. A revved up immune system can start to attack healthy tissue,” says Dr. Dave.

That’s why CBD can help support a healthy immune system. By promoting calm, relaxation and a healthy response to stress, CBD helps your immune system to function properly. Even getting better sleep can help your immune system do its job -- so you may want to add Good Night Capsules to the mix.

Food is also an important factor. “Everything you eat either helps or hurts. Usually, there’s no middle ground,” says Dr. Dave. Synergistic foods rich in antioxidants can help inflammation, like dark chocolate, broccoli, cinnamon or a spice like ginger. Ginger’s properties can help calm your digestive system, helping with bloating and motility.

A healthy immune system has always been important. Understanding that gut health and a strong immune system are inextricably linked is the first step, and the driving factor in developing our Immune Gut Health CBD capsules. This pairing of full-spectrum hemp extract and Ginfort™ concentrated ginger gives you one more tool to keep your gut in tune and your immune system working hard.

Does CBD Help Your Immune System?

CBD activates the body’s endocannabinoid system. Why does that matter for immunity? With two primary receptors, the endocannabinoid system is vital to our sense of wellbeing. Research suggests CBD supports a healthy immune system. Because CBD activates your endocannabinoid system, it can help your CBD2 receptors deliver a more effective response to incoming threats. Overall, the science is still underway and more research is required to understand exactly how CBD works within the immune system.

Does CBD Fight Infection?

The results are a bit inconclusive on this topic. Overall what we do know is that CBD can help your immune system by relieving occasional stress, enabling your body to focus on internal processes like fighting infection.

Does CBD enhance gut health and help digestion?

CBD is indirectly good for digestion, since CBD’s stress-relieving qualities can help support gut health. By relieving everyday stress, CBD allows the digestive system to do its thing.

Stay Healthy With Elixinol

Now that you’re familiar with the relationship between gut health, immunity and CBD, you might be interested in trying CBD for yourself. Immune Gut Health CBD capsules feature Ginfort™, a concentrated ginger extract, to promote a healthy immune system. Ginfort™ is a breakthrough ingredient with 13x more ginger actives than traditional ginger powders. Immune Gut Health CBD capsules include all of ginger’s antioxidant and immune support properties as well. Take care of your gut, and take care of yourself.

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