How to Take CBD Oil: What You Should Know For Best Results

Posted on November 15 2019

CBD tinctures are a great way to incorporate full-spectrum CBD oil into your everyday life. They’re versatile and potent, and they can be used in a variety of different ways.

The U.S. hemp market is a rapidly growing industry, and CBD oil products are still new to many. However, CBD’s nutritive properties are far-reaching and varied, so naturally, they garner a wide range of interest.

Because there are so many possible serving sizes and applications for CBD tinctures, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Whether you take CBD tinctures when you wake up, after a strenuous workout or relaxing yoga practice, or before bed at night, there’s a routine that’s right for you and fits into your lifestyle.

CBD Oil: A Brief Overview

The hemp plant, or Cannabis sativa, contains a host of compounds called cannabinoids. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one such cannabinoid contained in hemp and cannabis. Hemp-derived CBD oil is non-psychotropic and does not get you high when you consume it. That’s because hemp cannabidiol contains 0.3% or less THC content.

CBD tinctures are rich with not only cannabinoids, but also a range of terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Elixinol preserves the full spectrum of elements from the industrial hemp plant in our hemp CBD oil tinctures through a clean, supercritical CO2 extraction process. That way, you get all the goodness of hemp oil.

Choosing the Best CBD Tincture for You

CBD oil tinctures are an easily accessible way to incorporate a potent amount of CBD into your daily routine. To choose the purest, best CBD oil tincture, look for high-integrity companies that provide:

  1. Full spectrum CBD oil or broad spectrum CBD products, not isolates or synthetics
  2. An extraction process that’s clean and non-toxic (like supercritical CO2 extraction)
  3. Third-party laboratory testing for purity
  4. Transparent product information through easy-to-access Certificates of Analysis
  5. Exceptional customer service and support
  6. A wide range of CBD products, including CBD oil tinctures, that fit a variety of lifestyles

How to Take CBD Oil Tinctures (and Tips to Get the Best Results)

Hemp extract tinctures are easy to incorporate into your everyday wellness practices. Nurturing your body with CBD can be as convenient as taking a few drops of tincture under your tongue before you start your day.

CBD oil tinctures come in small, glass bottles equipped with glass droppers for easy serving. Elixinol’s droppers are marked with measurements so you can see and measure precisely what serving size of CBD you’re getting, every time.

You can take CBD oil…

  • Under your tongue, or “sublingually.” Just drop your serving of CBD tincture directly under your tongue, and hold it in your mouth before swallowing. Elixinol Cinnamint flavored CBD tinctures are a fresh, pleasant way to experience hemp oil.
  • With food. CBD tinctures in Natural flavor have an earthy taste that incorporates easily into savory foods with herbs, like salad dressings, spaghetti, or stew. Add a few drops to your dish when you sit down to dinner.
  • In your drink. Add an extra zing to your morning coffee with a few drops of Cinnamint tincture, or blend Natural flavored CBD into your smoothie or tea.

Don’t be afraid to try more than one way to take CBD tinctures. Try taking CBD oil at different times throughout the day to identify which times of day it suits you best. Everybody is different; no one size fits all. Taking a CBD tincture can significantly enhance health and wellness when applied to the areas of our life that need it most.

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