CBD Serving Size for Dogs

Posted on March 07 2023

CBD for Dogs

As pet owners, we all want to do what’s best for our dogs to ensure they live long, healthy lives. Many people are turning to CBD oil for their dogs to help support their furry friends’ overall health and well-being. It is important to know how CBD can help, and then find the correct amount of CBD for your dog. 

Why CBD?

Unlike THC, which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces a “high,” CBD does not produce intoxicating effects. Instead, CBD provides a sense of calm while avoiding the other adverse effects associated with THC. There are a number of reasons to choose CBD for your dog.

Stress - One of the primary benefits of CBD for dogs is its ability to support a healthy response to stress. Dogs, like humans, can experience stress in a variety of different situations, such as during thunderstorms or fireworks, when meeting new people or animals, or when visiting the vet. CBD products can help relieve occasional stress by promoting calmness and relaxation, which can help your dog feel more at ease in stressful situations.

Comfort - In addition to its benefits with stress, CBD can help with inflammation after exercise. By reducing inflammation, CBD can help discomfort associated with sore muscles and joints. This can improve your dog's mobility and overall comfort level, allowing them to enjoy more physical activity and playtime.

Sleep - Just like humans, dogs need restful sleep in order to maintain overall health and well-being. CBD can help support sleep quality by promoting relaxation and calmness, which can help your dog fall asleep and stay asleep more easily. This can be especially beneficial for older dogs who may experience age-related sleep disturbances. 

The Right Serving Size for your Dog

Finding the correct daily CBD serving size for your dog is essential in ensuring they receive the health and wellness benefits of CBD oil. With so many different CBD products available on the market, it can be difficult to determine the correct CBD serving for dogs. Giving too little CBD may not be effective, while giving too much may cause unwanted side effects. 

Talk to your Vet

CBD can be a useful tool for supporting your dog's health and well-being, it's important to discuss its use with your veterinarian before starting any new supplement or medication.

Your veterinarian can help you evaluate whether your dog can use CBD safely. In addition, your vet can assist you in evaluating different CBD products to determine which ones are the best fit for your dog's needs. By working closely with your vet, you can help ensure your dog's long-term health and happiness. 


When it comes to determining the correct serving size for your pet, there are several factors to consider. The first factor is your dog’s weight. Think of a terrier weighing 20 lbs compared to say, a 200 lb mastiff. Larger dogs will require higher doses. 

Most CBD products for dogs will provide a CBD chart based on pounds of body weight or you can use a CBD calculator for even more accurate results. Be sure to follow these guidelines closely to ensure that you are giving your dog the correct serving size. A general rule of thumb is to start with 0.25 mg CBD per pound of body weight and gradually increase the as needed.

Start Slow 

When introducing your dog to CBD for the first time, it’s important to start low and gradually increase as needed. Using CBD oil compared to other products is beneficial as the bottle and dropper allow you to adjust drop by drop. This will help you while experimenting to find the right amount of CBD oil for your dog so that they feel the benefits.


Monitor your dog's response. After giving your dog CBD, monitor any changes in behavior or health. This includes changes in appetite, energy levels, and overall behavior.  

It may take several days or even weeks to determine the correct CBD serving size for your dog. Be patient and consistent and monitor your dog's response over time.


Another factor to consider is the potency of the CBD product you are using. Different products may have different concentrations of CBD, so it’s important to choose a product that is appropriate for your dog’s needs. These products can come in a number of strengths as measured by milligrams(mg) of CBD per fluid ounce. Be sure to note the potency of CBD products and adjust accordingly.

Everyday Dog Drops

Not all CBD products are created equal, so it's crucial to choose a safe and effective product for your pet. CBD works with your dog’s endocannabinoid system to promote daily wellness. Elixinol’s Everyday Dog Drops have 500 mg CBD per 1fl. Oz. / 30 Ml size bottle with a suggested serving size of: 

  • Small Dogs (up to 25 lbs.): 0.5mL
  • Medium dogs (25-50 lbs): 1 mL
  • Large dogs (over 50lbs): 1.5 mL

Be sure to shake the bottle well. Then, you simply put the drops in their food or water, or directly into the mouth.

Finding the correct CBD serving size for your dog requires careful consideration and monitoring. Always consult with your veterinarian, start low, consider the type of CBD product and size of your dog, monitor their response, and be patient. Once the right serving size is found it will be a quick and easy addition to your dog's routine that helps promote a happier, healthier life.