CBD Oil for Dogs: What are the Benefits of CBD? How Much CBD Should You Give Your Dog?

Posted on August 27 2021

More and more pet owners are using CBD oil for dogs, but what are the actual benefits for your dog while using CBD? How much CBD oil is right for your dog? And what is the best CBD for dogs?

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Does your dog get nervous before a trip to the vet? Do fireworks or other loud noises set your dog on edge? Perhaps your pet gets agitated or upset when you leave home, or maybe your furry friend gets uneasy on long car drives? The calming quality of CBD can help in situations like these while supporting a more tranquil mood for your pet.   
The calming properties of CBD oil can also be helpful for dogs that display some of the symptoms of separation anxiety. Quality pet CBD oil can address issues like whining, agitation, and emotional distress by helping your pet feel more relaxed. Similar to the way CBD oil can help humans, CBD oil for dogs can help manage any stress your pet may be feeling.   
Pet CBD oil can also lead to other physical benefits, like healthier skin and recovering from intense exercise. One recent study on dogs shows that CBD oil can provide comfort from the natural effects of aging in pets. CBD oil can improve mobility and quality of life in older dogs. Indeed, the benefits of CBD are numerous for your four-legged friend.

Is CBD Oil for Dogs Different Than CBD Oil for Humans? 

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is just one of the many beneficial compounds derived from the hemp plant. Like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system with special receptors that react to certain cannabinoids (like CBD), which can assist in the function of mind and body. While CBD helps humans and dogs in similar ways, the best CBD oil for dogs is derived from natural hemp plants and formulated specifically for smaller animals. When considering giving your pet CBD, it’s important to purchase high-quality CBD oil made only with ingredients that are safe for dogs. It’s also important to administer pet CBD oil in quantities intended for smaller animals.

Is CBD Oil Safe for My Dog?

Yes, CBD oil is safe for dogs when using high-quality CBD oil that is administered in the right amount for animals. One study shows that CBD oil derived from the hemp plant is safe for dogs, even at much higher amounts than is generally administered to pets. The biggest safety consideration in giving CBD oil to your dog is to only use high-quality CBD products from a trusted source, made with the purest ingredients, and formulated specifically for dogs.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?   

CBD for dogs is measured in milligrams (mg), so remember, a little goes a long way. When deciding how much CBD oil you should give your dog, consult with your vet, who will consider your dog’s weight. A good guide is to factor around 1 mg CBD for every ten pounds (about 4.5 kilos) of your dog’s weight. Remember, the most acute effects of CBD oil for dogs can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, so it’s good to wait at least that long between servings of CBD. Whether administered once or more regularly, CBD for dogs can take time to show its full effect. Be patient and play close attention to your pet’s individual needs.

How Do I Give CBD Oil to My Dog?  

When using CBD oil for pets, it’s important to consider your animal’s individual needs. For example, dogs come in different sizes and with different likes and dislikes. Giving your dog CBD oil directly in the mouth (with a dropper) is effective, though some pet owners may find that mixing pet CBD into the dog’s food is easier. Remember it can take up to an hour for orally-administered CBD to take effect, so if you hope to keep your pet calm when you leave, give your dog CBD oil an hour before you head out.   

CBD Oil for Dogs: Key Takeaways

Pet CBD oil is a safe, natural, plant-based supplement with many uses. It can help your dog’s mood or improve their quality of life. From stress relief to calming influence to aging more comfortably with better mobility, the benefits of CBD oil for dogs are important to consider. The best CBD for dogs comes from a trusted source that makes pure products derived from quality plants. Before giving your dog CBD oil, consult your vet. Always source your CBD from a company whose products are pure and consistent. By using the most natural products, you can discover the real benefits of CBD oil for dogs.