How to Use CBD to Improve Your Dog’s Mobility

Posted on October 22 2021

As our dogs age, their bodies slow down. Loss of dog mobility is one of the first signs of joint degradation, and while the condition is quite common, it can often lead to chronic pain and inflammation that may inhibit a dog’s quality of life.

Nobody wants see their dog suffer, yet often, by the time pet owners notice there’s a problem, the condition has become worse. As our pets move into their golden years, it’s vital that we have a plan for reducing stiffness and improving joint support. One of the ways we can help our pets keep moving and living comfortably is by using CBD for dog mobility.

Listen to Your Dog

They say prevention is the best medicine, which is why one of the most important things we can do as pet owners to is pay attention to our dogs. If dogs could talk, they could tell us exactly how they feel and what they need. In fact, some dogs do get vocal—they let us know when they feel pain by yelping when we lift them, or whimpering when they try to stand up. Alas, most of us must rely on other methods to communicate with our pets. Signs of mobility issues may be subtle at first—we might notice our dogs beginning to shuffle along the floor, or hesitating at the bottom of the stairs, or refraining from jumping up or leaping like they once did. They may avoid certain situations or activities they once loved, like running after a ball or playing fetch or wrestling.

Why Use CBD For Dog Mobility?

Despite the hype in the news and growing popularity, CBD is not some cure-all that can prevent any disease. Remember that CBD is derived from the hemp plant and has been used in many different cultures and traditions as a natural relief for humans and animals. As a natural compound found in hemp extract, CBD can alleviate discomfort in dogs and contribute to better aging and higher quality of life. As a natural anti-inflammatory, CBD is especially helpful with soothing the stiffness and soreness that follows strenuous activity many dogs exhibit after they play. 

Dogs With Arthritis

Recent research shows that among dogs age one year or older, at least 20 percent show some form of osteoarthritis. Over time, the condition leads to joint degeneration, which can cause pain and inflammation in our pets. CBD interacts directly with a dog’s endocannabinoid system, which is like an entire network to the body’s nervous system that covers a range of functions, from physical movement to pain modulation.

There is a real need for continued research on the ways CBD can help dogs, but one veterinary study found that regular-administered CBD oil reduced discomfort in dogs with arthritis. Over time, the dogs in the study which received CBD showed substantial increases in mobility. These positive effects were sustained for as long as the dogs continued their regimen.

How to Choose the Best CBD Product for My Dog?

 Nowadays, pet stores seem to be flooded with different CBD products, with each one making different claims as to their effects. If you think you might want to try CBD for dog mobility, you should consider some important criteria:

  • Check for natural ingredients. High-quality CBD products should not include any artificial additives. Remember, CBD comes from a plant, and the product label should reflect this.
  • What is the source of the hemp? High-quality CBD is an agricultural product that comes from a transparent source.
  • What kind of CBD does the product contain? Full-spectrum CBD oil contains the full range of compounds from the hemp plant, including all terpenes, essential oils, and all other cannabinoids. Broad-spectrum CBD Oil contains these same original compounds, with the exception of removing any trace amounts of THC.
  • Check the label for serving amounts. Whether CBD dog treats, dog chews, or CBD oil for dogs, the label should provide a recommended serving size to allow for you to give a controlled portion to your pet.
  • Responsible pet owners should only use lab-tested CBD products to ensure the product does in fact contain the compounds listed on the label.

What’s the Right Amount of CBD for Dog Mobility? 

Only a licensed veterinarian can diagnose, treat, or prescribe a cure for your dog. When meeting with your vet, describe any concerns you might have, and share any signs of mobility issues you think your dog might be showing.

If you decide to use CBD for your dog, make sure to use the right amount. CBD oil for dogs typically comes with a dropper that can measure one milliliter. CBD dog treats usually include a certain number of milligrams (Mg of CBD) which permits you to give your dog an exact amount of CBD (as a naturally-occurring compound, CBD shows very few negative side effects in dogs).

Remember that a single serving of CBD may not show any acute anti-inflammatory effects. Rather, regular use of CBD is more likely to help ease discomfort and support prolonged mobility, which leads to better aging. These improvements will become more evident over time. Seeing your dog regain interest in physical activity is a rewarding sign the CBD is taking effect. Maybe your dog wants to suddenly play again, perhaps they don’t shake as much when they stand up, or your dog wants to extend the length of their walks. Again, listen to your dog for how their body is responding to the CBD and watch for signs of increased mobility.

Keeping Our Dogs Active

You are not alone in considering CBD for better dog mobility. As a pet owner, it can be very difficult to watch our pets struggle as their bodies begin to show the effects of age. Witnessing any level of discomfort in our pets can be frightening and disheartening, while for our pets, any loss of mobility can affect their mood. They may become sad and confused while trying to adapt to the limits of their aging joints. The whole experience can be difficult for both dog and human.

CBD is a natural method available to help retain your dog’s mobility. In the same way we look after the special needs of young puppies, it’s important that we look out for our dogs with mobility issues and offer them a more relaxed path towards aging. Every moment we have with our pets is precious, so it’s important that we ensure those are comfortable moments for our dogs, too. From the moment we first pet them, we begin to form a bond with our dogs. They show us unconditional love and bring us joy, and in return, we do all we can to keep them happy and healthy, and to share our lives together.