3 Ways To Incorporate CBD Into Your Fitness & Wellness Routine

Posted on September 07 2017


Every parent of a newborn can tell you: Sleep deprivation is brutal. It increases fatigue, moodiness and can even cause you to gain weight. According to Project CBD, “Approximately 70 million people [in the US] suffer from insomnia, insufficient sleep or another sleep disorder.” That’s a lot of sleep-deprived people.

Because CBD Hemp Oil works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, it helps regulate balance and homeostasis. The positive effects of whole-plant cannabidiol allow you to take advantage of the health benefits of CBD by purchasing products that contain non-psychoactive CBD.

CBD Hemp Oil does this by activating two categories of receptors that play a role in the release of neurotransmitters, feelings of pleasure, concentration, memory and pain tolerance.

Numerous studies have shown how CBD can aid in alleviating temporary symptoms of sleeplessness. Conversely, a 2006 study on rats showed an increased alertness with light, displaying that CBD could potentially be used for relief of day-time drowsiness. Another study revealed how CBD aids anxiety, a common factor that keeps people awake.


Looking to take the edge off a long day? Instead of alcohol, reach for CBD. Because of how CBD affects your brain, CBD gives you an all-natural, organic sense of relaxation, instead of an inebriated one. Maintaining a healthy balance and homeostasis is a key attribute of the endocannabinoid system and CBD aids in relaxation.

Several lines of evidence in mice have clearly demonstrated that activation of cannabinoid receptors in the brain lowers heart rate and blood pressure in response to stress. It’s all related to a molecule called Dopamine.

CBD activates adenosine receptors, which play a major role in the release of dopamine. One of Dopamine’s attributes is associated with the “rewards” center of our brain. Sex. Drugs. Inspiration. People often describe a spike in dopamine as a feeling of “motivation” or “pleasure”. Feelings of pleasure, reduce feelings of stress. When our muscles are loose, our minds are clear and our heartbeat is resting, we feel relaxed. It’s a balanced relaxation instead of an intoxicated one.

Recovery (Reducing Inflammation)

Inflammation in the body causes pain. When something hurts, inflammation is usually involved. While it’s both the body’s signal to send healing to that area, left untreated, inflammation can cause systematic body trouble.

CBD plays a role in inhibiting inflammation by activating the substances that activate the CB2 receptors in our endocannabinoid system. A terpenoid found in hemp called beta-carophyllene also activates this receptor with no psychoactive effect.

If you’re an athlete, CBD is an excellent tool. After hard workouts, muscles are torn, glucose reserves are low and lactic acid has built up. Taking a serving size of our Liposomes and Capsules at the onset of soreness can lessen the sensation of pain, allow you to move more freely, which will speed up muscle repair.

Another way to incorporate CBD Hemp Oil into your healthy recovery is the Elixinol Sports Gel. Entirely plant-based, Sports Gel is an excellent post-workout balm. Less sticky than aloe with more comfort-focused ingredients, our Sports Gel artfully combines broad-spectrum hemp extract, arnica, capsaicin and camphor to deliver results with a formula that feels great on skin and helps support recovery for active bodies.

Things to consider when incorporating CBD Into Your Fitness & Wellness Plan

When purchasing CBD products, consider the source. At Elixinol, we use whole plant, high-potency CBD extract. CBD oil is extracted from organically grown, industrial hemp plants including the terpenes, sugars, flavonoids, secondary cannabinoids, that are found in the hemp plant. Elixinol CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp plants that are specially bred to contain high concentrations of cannabidiol. We extract the CBD oil using Super-Critical Fluid Extraction technology. This extraction method is more expensive, but is non-toxic, and produces a pure and highly potent hemp extract. Each product is third-party tested for quality and has a published Certificate of Analysis for traceability and transparency.

No matter the format - oils, capsules or topicals - incorporating CBD Hemp oil into your healthy lifestyle is a choice for a natural remedy that doesn’t get you high, works to restore your body to balance and isn’t habit-forming. For more information on how CBD affects sleep, relaxation and recovery, or on any of the products mentioned, please read more.