What’s the Difference Between Water-Soluble CBD vs. CBD Water?

Posted on July 09 2019

We’ve got CBD lotions and creams, tinctures and powders, and so much more. CBD products are coming in so many shapes and sizes that it’s no wonder that people are questioning what forms would benefit them most and which they should choose.

With so many options on the table, sometimes the nuance gets harder to track, making it even more difficult to choose what’s right for you. A perfect example of this water-soluble CBD vs. CBD water, which may sound similar but are actually two completely different products.

Water-soluble CBD and the term “CBD water” are sometimes used interchangeably, but they don’t actually refer to the same thing. Let’s take a look at the difference between them.

What Is CBD Water?

CBD water is essentially a regular bottle of water that has the cannabidiol (CBD) infused into it. It may be marketed as “CBD-infused water” or simply “CBD water.”

CBD infused water has plenty of potential benefits for some users, including the potential to relax, energize, or soothe discomfort. While it comes with some benefits, however, the compound needs to be processed and delivered effectively to the body in order to get them, and CBD is a considerably unstable compound. It’s easily degraded when it’s exposed to either oxygen or light (which is why so many high-quality CBD products are sold in dark containers), and unfortunately, CBD water is often exposed regularly to both.

In many cases, CBD water is sold in clear water bottles, allowing for high levels of light exposure that may actually reduce-- if not completely eliminate-- the efficacy of the CBD, taking all the benefits away with it. Some research has even found that CBD water from most brands contain very little CBD, and may even contain amounts that need to be three to five times higher to be effective.

Because of this, as the Remedy Review explains, many believe that CBD water products aren’t reliable and may not be an effective delivery method, especially given its high cost.

What is Water-Soluble CBD and How is it Different from CBD Water?

When you buy CBD water, you’re buying the premixed product. Water-soluble CBD, on the other hand, comes in a variety of forms like powders, tinctures, and liposomes that can be mixed into water.

Here are the benefits of water-soluble CBD vs. CBD water: Water-soluble CBD contains Nano CBD particles like CBD water, but they haven’t been exposed to light and oxygen for significant periods of time like CBD water has by the time it reaches consumers. Instead, you get to add it to water exactly when you’re ready to use it, allowing you to consume it before light and oxygen degrade the compound. Because of this, water-soluble CBD is much more effective.

There are other important benefits to note too when it comes to water-soluble CBD; it’s not just about the effectiveness. When you’re doing the mixing yourself, it gives you more control over which products you want to use and when. You’re able to cater the CBD serving size to your own preferences.

The other benefit to choosing water-soluble CBD products is that it is significantly more cost-effective than CBD water, even if you aren’t considering the efficacy itself. For one, they’re shelf-stable and you can take them with you wherever you go, making them more convenient, and they’re also typically much more affordable per mg of CBD than compared to premixed water products. This can add up quickly, especially you want to consume CBD daily for a boost in overall wellness.

What are the Benefits of Drinking CBD Water?

By now we are all aware of the benefits of CBD. CBD helps support a healthy response to occasional stress and can relieve everyday nervousness. CBD promotes calmness and relaxation. It can even help support a positive, healthy mood. Combining these effects with the benefits of drinking water elevates everything to a new level!

Drinking water can help maximize your physical performance by keeping your body hydrated. Staying hydrated helps the body maintain optimal temperature levels and helps prevent fatigue while exercising. In addition to physical performance, staying hydrated helps support a positive mind and health mood, much like CBD.

CBD water benefits are also present when it comes to skin care. CBD hydrates, moisturizes, and revitalizes skin when applied topically. Drinking at least 8 glasses a day can aid in removing the body and skin of toxins. Learn more about the effects of CBD and water on skin and check out our CBD Hemp Balm.

What If I Don’t Want to Drink CBD Products At All?

Consuming CBD by drinking products containing it is an excellent delivery method when the serving size is right and the CBD compound is intact. That being said, not everyone wants to get their daily CBD by mixing it into water.

If this is the case, there are other options available to look into. Our CBD tinctures, for example, can be applied directly under the tongue if you don’t want to add it to water or food. They’re fast-acting either way, getting you the results you want quickly. And if you don’t want to consume CBD at all, there are also topical CBD oil balms and creams that you can apply directly to any troubled areas, massaging it in to soothe discomfort and relax your muscles.

No matter what you choose, make sure that you’re opting for CBD products coming from a reliable, transparent company that’s upfront about the serving size you’re getting every time. Here at Elixinol, all of our products are made with 100% organic, Hemp CBD that we grow ourselves to guarantee quality.

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