Boswellia: What Is It and How It Can Help Your Body

Posted on July 30 2020

That lower back pain from being at the desk all day, or the tweaked knee from a long weekend hike. Morning stiffness or the ache at the end of a long shift on your feet. We put our bodies through a lot. Sometimes, they let us know we’ve overdone it -- a shoulder joint complains, the spine says enough. Give your body some relief. 

Elixinol’s Body Comfort CBD Capsules combine CBD with Boswellia to moderate your body’s inflammatory response, helping you move through your days with ease and comfort. But what is boswellia?

What is Boswellia?

Resin from Boswellia serrata has been used as incense in religious and cultural ceremonies for centuries. The end product -- a resin gathered by tapping the tree -- is also known as Indian Frankincense.  This resin has been used in ayurvedic medicine as remedy for a broad range of complaints including osteoarthritis, asthma, and an extensive array of other complaints. Research has shown promise for its use to reduce inflammation and provide comfort.

How Does Boswellia Work?

Boswellia slows down the creation of a specific inflammation causing enzyme. Less of that enzyme in your body, less nerve irritation at the point of injury, less overall discomfort. Boswellia also  has antimicrobial properties that can prevent infection and speed healing. (Want to go deep? Read this study.) Clinical trials showed that Boswellia was more effective than standard NSAIDs. And it reduced inflammation without stomach irritation and other side effects common from NSAIDs

CBD + Boswellia for Discomfort

CBD is already used by many as a supplement for joint health. CBD also shows tremendous promise for managing stress -- and stress is a known factor in creating hard to manage aches and pains. CBD can help quiet the amplifying noise of discomfort in your brain while Boswellia slows down the generation of those inflammation causing enzymes. They’re good partners, helping your body do the things your brain needs it to do to get through the day. Learn more about our Body Comfort CBD Capsules here