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CBD Capsules

Each of our CBD capsules serve a specific purpose — expertly blended with nature’s finest ingredients to give you real results. From dealing with everyday stress to getting a better night’s sleep, our liquid CBD capsules are easy to take and give you a consistent serving of CBD. Learn more about our CBD capsule collection below.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: CBD is just beginning to show us what it can be used for and much more important research is needed. That said, CBD hemp oil capsules are showing promise in their ability to help restore overall balance, manage everyday stress, maintain a healthy inflammatory response, and ease muscle pain from exercise. 

A: It can be tough to figure out how many CBD capsules you should take, as CBD isn’t currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and there are no official recommended dosages. Because everyone’s body requires a different amount of CBD to take effect, we recommend starting with one to two CBD capsules (15mg-30mg) per day and adjusting from there. 

A: The best CBD capsule is the one you will take regularly. CBD, like any supplement should be incorporated as part of a routine to feel the most impact. So whether you want a pure, full-spectrum CBD hemp capsule or one with other functional ingredients for a targeted result, it is best to try a few and find what works for you.  

A: CBD oil and CBD capsules are two different delivery systems of the same key ingredient - CBD oil. If you like the ability to moderate your serving size more precisely, a CBD oil tincture may be right for you, but if you want a reliable serving of CBD oil than a capsule may be a better method. 

A: Since there aren’t any psychoactive elements to CBD capsules, determining how long the product lasts is difficult. Like any dietary supplement, we recommend taking CBD capsules daily for optimal wellbeing. 

A: Yes! There are a number of CBD capsule benefits, one of which includes stress relief. CBD capsules are a great supplement for helping you unwind after work or easing the stress of everyday life. Check out our CBD capsules made specifically for stress relief. 

A: Yes! CBD capsules are a reliable way to get a set serving of CBD and other ingredients into your system. They are ideal as part of a daily CBD capsules regimen and offer the benefits of CBD coupled with other functional ingredients like CBD and Turmeric, CBD and Ashwagandha or CBD and Melatonin.