What are CBD Edibles?

Posted on November 19 2020

A CBD edible is any CBD-infused product that you eat. CBD edibles are different from a tincture that you might consume orally, which is usually just a few drops of oil. CBD edibles come in many forms. From CBD Gummies to CBD baked goods, there are a variety of ways to get your CBD benefits. CBD edibles can be a great way to get your CBD, especially if you’re looking for an alternative to balms, oils or capsules.

CBD edibles might be cloaked in some mystique, as they’re often confused with THC edibles. CBD edibles are completely different from THC edibles and produce no psychoactive effects. CBD edibles will not get you high. That being said--what exactly do CBD edibles do?


CBD Edibles Effects

In general, CBD edibles aren’t much different than other CBD formats, like tinctures and balms. The effects of CBD vary from person to person and can deviate based on the format of consumption. CBD edibles can be used as a daily supplement or to support a positive, healthy mood. One additional aspect of CBD edibles is that they add a culinary element to your CBD routine and can be a tasty way to switch up your CBD consumption.


CBD Edibles vs. THC Edibles: What is the Difference?

CBD Edibles vs. THC Edibles: What is the Difference?

No. CBD edibles do not get you high. CBD does not provide any intoxicating effects. THC edibles do produce a high, which can also be accompanied by other adverse effects of THC. CBD edibles on the other hand, present no such risks and typically provide a more of a calming effect.

Are CBD Edibles Legal?

CBD edibles are legal as long as they abide by labeling laws and have the legally allowed amount of THC (under .3%). THC edibles are only legal in specific states. Be sure to check your local laws and regulations.


Benefits of CBD Edibles

The benefits of CBD edibles are the same as many other CBD products: CBD edibles can promote better sleep, help occasional stress and aid with muscle aches due to exercise. These are just some of the various benefits of CBD, which are diverse and differ from person to person. CBD edibles also have the added benefit of being delicious and convenient!

Here are some of the ways CBD edibles can be used as a supplement to support wellness:

  • Supporting cognitive health: CBD edibles can support healthy brain functionality and cognitive health. This goes hand-in-hand with the ability to help offer more restful sleep and provide feelings of calm and relaxation. A well-rested person will likely be able to think more clearly.
  • Promotes a positive, healthy mood. CBD edibles offer the same good mood benefits as other CBD products. Try out Elixinol’s gummies and see for yourself!


What Makes CBD Edibles Different From Other CBD Products?

While both of these CBD products are consumed orally, CBD edibles have the benefit of being easy to take and you can easily track your CBD intake with each edible. Most edibles come in the form of gummies, candies, or chocolates which are divided into distinct portions. CBD tinctures can be hard to measure your CBD serving size. That being said, edibles offer a range of culinary incarnations, from cookies, to chocolates, to candy. Selecting which product is right for you can be tough--take our CBD Product Quiz to help you figure it out.