What is Nano CBD?

Posted on December 10 2020

Nanotechnology itself is a broad topic. Generally, nanotechnology is a field of innovation that builds and creates materials and substances on the extremely small scale of molecules and particles. As it relates to CBD, nanotech is used in the extraction process. Specifically, nanotechnology is used to alter and create a CBD molecule that is more easily absorbed into the body, creating more enhanced CBD oils and other products. So how does CBD nanotechnology work?

Let’s get molecular. In order to create nano enhanced CBD, scientists extract CBD from hemp plants. Then, they create nanoparticles from the extracted CBD, which means breaking up CBD into incredibly small parts. Current studies suggest that these smaller particles are more easily absorbed in the bloodstream, producing an efficient CBD product. CBD manufacturers are interested in this innovative technology to create effective products.

What is nano enhanced CBD used for?

Nano enhanced CBD has the same uses as regular CBD: stress relief, relaxation and more. Learn more about the different CBD benefits and uses with our blog!

Does nanotechnology improve CBD?

The promising science around nano encapsulated CBD is an inventive method in making CBD even more groundbreaking. Nanotechnology is used extensively throughout a large range of industries, however, incorporating CBD creates some legal implications that make it difficult to study scientifically. Now that CBD restrictions are relaxing nationwide, studies of CBD nanotechnology are becoming more prominent.

As mentioned, nano CBD can enter the bloodstream more efficiently than regular CBD because it is broken down into much smaller parts. Although the qualities of the product are not necessarily enhanced, the effects can often be felt more quickly.

What is full spectrum nano CBD?

Full spectrum or broad spectrum nano CBD is the same as regular full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD products-- it’s extracted directly from the plant and uses the full entourage of components naturally available in hemp. If you see a product that is labeled as full spectrum nano enhanced CBD, you can treat it just as you’d treat any full spectrum product and maintain your usual serving size.

Are there any disadvantages to nano CBD? Is it a legit product?

While there are rumors that nano CBD oil is a scam--this couldn’t be further from the truth. While the full implications of nano CBD are not yet known, we do know nanotechnology helps deliver CBD efficiently throughout the body. Therefore, just because the full verdict is unclear doesn’t mean nano CBD isn’t safe or effective--there’s just more research to be done.

Keep Learning With Elixinol

To recap: CBD nanotechnology helps CBD get into your body more efficiently by utilizing microscopic particles. There’s plenty more to learn about nanotechnology and CBD--so check out our blog to see what makes CBD amazing.