Introducing Leaf411

Posted on January 26 2021

Elixinol announced today its partnership with Leaf411. A non-profit group based out of Colorado, Leaf411 is a cannabis-trained nurse hotline aimed to give consumers access to balanced education about legal cannabis (hemp and marijuana). Leaf411 is a resource available for anyone with questions about CBD and its benefits.

The new partnership aligns with Elixinol’s mission of providing customers with the educational resources they need to better address their health and everyday wellness.

“Leaf411 provides an amazing resource for our team and for anyone exploring CBD,” said Tom Siciliano, CEO of Elixinol Americas. “At Elixinol, education is a top priority and that’s what makes this an ideal partnership. We are excited about the personalized guidance Leaf411 can provide our customers.”

Leaf411’s resource hotline is available Monday through Friday 8 am to 7 pm MST, through appointment only. Customers can setup an appointment by calling 844-Leaf411 or going to their website, leaf411.orgElixinol customers get exclusive free access to this resource - please reach out to our customer support team first ( or 844-804-3504) who can provide the code needed to access Leaf411 at no cost. Once an appointment is set, customers can speak directly to a medical professional who can answer their cannabis questions and help guide them in the right direction when it comes to product types. 

“We are so grateful to Elixinol for their partnership and support they are providing to our mission,” said Katherine Golden, CEO and Executive Director of Leaf411. “We started Leaf411 because of the lack of balanced and accurate educational resources in the cannabis space. Navigating the CBD industry for new customers is challenging. Our team is available to help guide them in that navigation.”

Leaf411’s team of professionals are registered nurses and members of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Additionally, hotline nurses are required to complete several trainings including the Medical Cannabis Institute’s “Medical Cannabis Curriculum for Nurses.” The nonprofit is overseen by an advisory board made up of nurses, a medical doctor, and attorneys.