What is THC Free CBD?

Posted on December 30 2021

Much of the concern around using any kind of CBD stems from its association with cannabis—and more specifically, THC. While THC and CBD are both plant compounds derived from cannabis, they are fundamentally different compounds that behave differently in the human body. Yet even the mere proximity of the two may be cause for hesitation when considering using CBD.  

Some of us have jobs that may require random drug testing, while others may hold personal objections to introducing THC into their bodies. Whatever the reason, it’s perfectly logical to want CBD products that are THC free.

 Many may assume that all CBD products are naturally THC Free, but the truth is a bit more complicated. For those concerned about accidentally ingesting any trace amounts of THC, it pays to learn which CBD products are free from THC, and what “THC free” actually means.

Try our new THC Free* CBD Products

 With consideration and concern for those people who desire CBD products minus any amount of THC, pioneering hemp company Elixinol has released a whole new line of THC Free* CBD products. Ranging from topicals like our THC Free* Recovery Balm, to THC Free* gummies that help improve sleep, to high-quality THC Free* CBD oil for everyday use, these THC Free* CBD products are the result of scientific research, precise manufacturing, and the most exacting third-party lab testing to ensure quality control. 

Elixinol’s new THC Free* products give you all the benefits of CBD without any of the fear or anxiety that may come when dealing with even the remotest possibility of introducing unwanted THC into your system. Using the latest technology and paying careful attention to quality control and third-party lab testing, Elixinol’s THC Free* CBD products grant users greater peace of mind on their wellness journey.

What is THC Free CBD?

THC Free CBD is exactly that—it’s CBD which has all the traces of THC removed. But then why is there any possible presence of THC in the first place?

 Well, legally speaking, CBD is derived from any hemp plant that contains up to 0.3 percent THC. While this is a remarkably negligible amount of THC (less than would show up on most drug tests), the 0.3 percent THC limit still admits the possibility that something like natural hemp extract oil may still contain some THC molecules. In other words, CBD is rarely “just CBD”. It’s important to consider what kind of CBD is in the product, the processes used to extract the CBD, and what kind of functional ingredients are added. Given the number of untested, unregulated products on the market, it’s important to understand what is exactly inside any CBD products you may consider taking.

 First, let’s review some of the different types of CBD: 

  • Full Spectrum CBD is made from full spectrum hemp extract, meaning it contains all the natural CBD from the original plant along with all the other terpenes and compounds therein (including THC). Full spectrum CBD might be considered the most “whole” version of a CBD product, but may not be ideal for those looking for a totally THC Free CBD product. 
  • Broad Spectrum CBD is also derived from natural hemp extract, but with most of the THC removed. Broad spectrum CBD products usually contain the same amount of CBD as full spectrum CBD products, but fewer of the additional compounds. That said, even broad spectrum CBD products may still contain trace amounts of THC. 
  • THC Free CBD has had all THC removed through a careful extraction process that takes out the maximum amount of THC while respecting the integrity of the natural CBD product. Anyone looking for THC Free CBD products should look for clear labels that specify “THC Free CBD” and show proof of third-party lab testing to ensure the product is in fact what it says it is.

What else is inside THC Free CBD? 

CBD is a natural compound derived from the hemp plant, whereas THC Free CBD products typically contain other ingredients to help deliver and maximize the effects of the CBD. Typically, a product like THC Free CBD Oil is made with an essential oil base. Since CBD is fat-soluble, using a strong base like MCT Oil (containing medium-chain triglycerides) is a great vehicle for maximum absorption while working to increase the benefits of CBD. 

Quality Control of THC Free CBD Products 

As consumers learn more about the benefits of CBD, the hemp industry continues to expand with new ideas, new finds, new claims, and new products. As the hemp industry grows, the U.S. Hemp Authority was established to meet the increased demand for self-regulation and quality assurance in CBD products. The Hemp Authority’s certification program permits trustworthy companies to verify the integrity of their products and create greater confidence among conscientious consumers. 

This quality control is especially important when considering some of the dangerous contaminants found in untested products sold as “CBD”. One recent study showed that random testing of several over-the-counter, unregulated CBD products founds high levels of contaminants, including pesticides and heavy metals (such as mercury and lead). Dangerous bacteria and carcinogens have also been found in unregulated cannabis products.

 While regular users of CBD may be concerned about the possibility of trace amounts of THC in their CBD products, they must also consider the danger of untested, uncertified products that could potentially cause any number of negative side effects. Arming oneself with knowledge that is backed by research and independent testing is the best way to protect yourself in seeking out the best THC Free CBD product for you.  

But are these new products really THC FREE?

 Yes, Elixinol’s new THC Free* CBD products are truly THC free, but … it’s important to understand what “THC Free” means.

 Scientifically speaking, we can only prove what we can test over and over while still showing a consistent test result. While every possible effort is made to remove any and all trace amounts of THC from broad spectrum CBD oil, the resulting THC Free CBD can only be proven to be as THC Free as the test results allow. 

Companies like Elixinol have their own THC Free* products third-party lab tested to a limit of one one-hundredth percent (or 0.01%) of THC. Whether using an everyday THC Free* tincture, or THC Free* gummies, or our THC Free* Recovery Balm, you can rest assured that the product contains no THC down to one one-hundredth of a percent. Conversely, this means that even the very best THC Free CBD Products could still contain less than one one-hundredth of a percent of THC. 

Thus, the “small print” of “THC Free” CBD products is that despite every possible effort to eliminate THC from the broad spectrum CBD oil, there is a miniscule chance that less than one-hundredth of a percent of THC might still be present. This is relevant for those who face the possibility of drug testing, and while very few drug tests would pick up such a fractional percentage, well-respected companies like Elixinol are being transparent in the scientific definition of their new THC Free* CBD product line. Remember that different kinds of drug testing may vary in their level of sensitivity, and that while THC Free CBD products are technically free from all THC, that specification is limited by the limits of the testing process. 

Where can I find reliable THC Free CBD Products? 

Elixinol’s all-new THC Free* CBD Products are available online, providing an excellent opportunity for people who want to try CBD as part of their wellness program without the fear of introducing trace amounts of THC into their body. When purchasing THC Free CBD, remember to always check for the “THC Free” label, and check the results of the third-party lab testing on the product. 

As you discover the broad benefits that CBD can bring into your life, you should also have the peace of mind that you are getting the purest high-quality CBD, without any contaminants—and without the THC.



*THC Free means testing conducted to 0.01%. Testing method and detection limits vary depending on the test conducted. This is not a guarantee that no THC is present at concentrations less than 0.01%.