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What Does Liposomal Mean?

“Liposomal” is a scientific term for a certain process that helps to transport medicines or nutritional supplements in the human body more effectively. While this happens on a microscopic (even nanoscopic) scale, the science behind liposomal transmission is fascinating—and it works! You may still be wondering, yeah but, “What does liposomal mean?” We’re glad you asked!

What does Liposomal Mean?

“Liposomal” is an adjective we use to describe certain medicines or dietary supplements that are delivered into the body with the help of liposomes. “Liposome” is a compound word derived from the ancient Greek roots for “fat” (lipo) and “body” (soma). What that means is that a liposome is a kind of vehicle that assists in drug delivery by wrapping up the beneficial molecules (be they medical compounds or nutritional supplements) inside a kind of manufactured “fat body” (or liposome). Once packaged inside a liposome, the drug or supplement can be delivered in a more direct and targeted fashion in order to be more efficiently absorbed by the body.

How Liposomes Work

Liposomes are comprised of a bilayer structure—that is to say, a double layer of fat molecules—which encapsulates a miniscule droplet of water. Think of it as a water balloon where the balloon is made of lipid (fat) molecules and the water inside can carry the helpful supplements to where they can do the most good. These little protective liposomal bundles hold and protect the active ingredients inside their aqueous center until they can reach the most effective place for them to do their work.

Similar to the way we wrap something in plastic to make it waterproof, the lipid bilayer prevents the helpful molecules (containing active ingredients) from dissolving or activating too soon. Thus, when we talk about liposomal encapsulation, we mean wrapping up the active ingredients inside these phospholipid bilayers in order to carry them past any bodily environments that may dissolve or weaken them too soon, thus preventing their best and full effects.

For example, inserting a fat-soluble substance into a watery bubble held inside a liposome would protect the substance until it reached a place in the body where the cell membranes could be dissolved and activated. This is the science often used with a liposomal lymphatic drug that can bypass the regular metabolic process to assist drug delivery to a more efficient place. This kind of targeted destination and timing increases absorption and bioavailability for the user, which equates to more overall benefits.

How Can Liposomal Supplements Help Me?

When we call a product “liposomal” we mean that we are using a highly scientific and targeted approach in order to maximize the amount of substance absorbed into the body. While this occurs on a microscopic level in the body, the result is far better absorption and bioavailability, therefore resulting in more benefit to you. Given the high cost and the work of producing some highly-desired supplements, finding a more efficient delivery mechanism means less waste of the active ingredients and more overall benefits to the user.

The efficiency of liposomal delivery makes it especially useful when used with nutritional, dietary or sleep support supplements—even some vitamins and minerals are now available in a liposomal format. And while it may sound like science fiction, it’s not fiction at all! Liposomal delivery is a straightforward technology that can offer you greater benefits from the supplements you take.

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