How Lemon Balm Can Support Healthy Sleep

Posted on January 07 2022

Poor sleep patterns can leave us feeling exhausted, fatigued, irritable, and anxious. On the flip side, getting a healthy night’s sleep can help our body rest, relax, and heal. Good sleep is the foundation of good health, so establishing regular and healthy sleep patterns should be a fundamental part of anyone’s personal wellness plan. Finding the right natural herbs for you can lead to improved sleep habits. 

How can Lemon Balm Help Support Healthy Sleep?

Lemon balm is a natural herb that supports healthy sleep. Throughout history, different cultures have used this plant for its many powerful properties and natural benefits that range from supporting good sleep to providing more calm and inner balance during waking hours. 

What is Lemon Balm and how can it help?

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is an herb belonging to the mint family. By gently rubbing lemon balm leaves, oils are released that produce a lovely “lemon-y” smell. As the plant name implies, the herb is a true “balm” that has been used historically to assist with poor sleep, to improve digestion, and to support the skin and the body’s natural healing process. For over 2,000 years, lemon balm has been used by different cultures and civilizations to balance the mood and help the mind work better—even help improve memory. Recent studies show that products containing lemon balm can be used to fight stress. To that end, lemon balm is especially useful for increasing calmness, supporting strong memory and brain function, and helping cope with stress and mental strain.

Lessening Stress with Lemon Balm

Reducing stress, balancing the mood, and quieting the mind are vital steps in preparing for a good night’s rest. Calming down after a stressful day can often take hours, which leads to some of us remaining awake into the late hours of the night. Others are able to go to sleep, but wake up too early, concerned with the worries and stresses that may face us. Lemon balm can help reduce stress and take away any extra worries, clearing the mind and helping us go to bed in a tranquil state. This natural herb can also help us achieve a deeper and longer-lasting sleep state. 

Discover how Lemon Balm can Help You

While troubled and disrupted sleep have become increasingly common in our frantic society, new technologies and well-designed products can help us fight the stress of modern life. Lemon balm is a powerful herb that has been used by ancient societies, and continues to be used today, to help keep stress away and promote optimal sleep. Functional products that contain lemon balm can help support a healthy sleep, which is fundamental for a life of bodily wellness and a calm mind.  If you are having trouble getting quality sleep, try our Sleep Rapid Rest Liposome featuring Lemon Balm today!

Elixinol's Sleep Rapid Rest Liposome:

Elixinol's Sleep Rapid Reset Liposome Product Bottle

What is a liposome?

“Liposome” combines the Greek words “fat” and “body” to describe very tiny (even microscopic) bubbles that help deliver natural benefits inside the human body. Since a beneficial substance like CBD is fat soluble, adding lemon balm to a liposome structure means the balm is blended with the CBD and absorbed at a higher rate by the body’s cells. 

In other words, lemon balm with liposomes becomes a more efficient health product with greater effects over the whole body. Combining age-old herbal traditions with scientific technology helps maximize the benefits of the CBD and lemon balm. This in turn leads to a wellness product that is very efficient at improving rest. If you’re interested in how CBD + Lemon Balm can help improve your sleep quality and combat daily stress, our Sleep Rapid Rest Liposome is the perfect place to start.